What to Do When No One Reads Your Blog?

How to make someone read your blog?
How to make someone read your blog?

No page views, no comments, no links, no nothing.

My blog sucks

My blog SUCKS

My bbbblog S.U.C.K.S

Hold on, man!

It’s OK.

I know (for anyone who has been blogging for more than two weeks knows) that, successful blogging needs raving fans and loyal readers.

Your blogging success isn’t about your next blog post. It’s about all of your posts.

So, what to do when no one reads your blog?

Find out the reasons first.

Ask yourself this question.

Why others are not reading my blog?

  • Are you just rehashing what others are saying?
  • Is your blog design not appealing?
  • Are you forgetting to optimize your blog posts for the search engines?
  • And the most important question… do you know what YOU are TALKING about?

There should at least ONE reason which is stopping others to read your blog.

What do your visitors (or readers) want from your blog?

  • Regular updates?
  • Great stuff that can immediately change their blogs after reading the posts?
  • Or something else??

Find out the specific reasons first.

Then.. follow these 4 steps (I’m sure you can make anyone to read your blog by implementing them)

Step 1: Write 2000+ words articles twice a month

what to do when no one reads your blogWhy? Why should I write detailed articles?

Before answering your questions, let me clear few things.

Do you know 9 out of 10 bloggers create the blog posts with an average count of 600 words?

What can you learn from this?

Simple.. if you want to stand out from the crowd, create detailed posts.

No.. you don’t always need to create detailed posts.

I don’t suggest that tip especially if you’re new to blogging. Instead, create detailed posts twice a month.


Email that link to the influential bloggers in your niche.

Don’t ask them to leave a comment.

Just ask their feedback about the post.

They might consider sharing, tweeting, commenting or even linking to your post if they find it USEFUL.

This is the simplest way to get some attention from other bloggers to read your blog.

All you need is to take time to write 2 detailed posts/month. That’s it! Lets jump into the next step.

Read: How to Create An 800 Words Article In 25 Minutes [Without Sacrificing the Quality]?

[note]A personal note: I don’t believe the word count that makes any blog post in going viral. It RARELY happens. How can you expect a post going viral that contains loads of shit? But, detailed posts definitely can make your blog stand out. Make sure your 2000 words are precious, remove the unwanted words ruthlessly. Don’t create an article just for the sake of writing 2000+ words.[/note]

Step 2: Go and get some visibility online

Don’t expect your 2000+ word article going to be viral, get hundreds of tweets and shares.

It won’t happen.

If it happens, you won’t read this post ;)

You have to get some visibility to your BEST posts.

How can do that?

2 old methods..

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Guest blogging

I don’t need to write about the above things again just to fill this post. So, I’ll leave them up to you.

Here’s what I can give you a unique tip.

Promote others stuff on Facebook and twitter

Instead of promoting your own contents and being selfish, spend the same time to promote others stuff.

This will surely give you great results in no time. Follow this tip, let me know the results!

Step 3: Roll out the red carpet for your blog visitors

Give sooo much importance to your visitors that they can’t forget visiting your blog no matter what.

How can you do that?

Make your blog design appealing

If someone lands on your blog for the first time, they should think that they have landed on a top notch blog.

Hold on, Rahul.. I’ve a question, is is really possible to make someone loyal to my blog  just by its design?

Yep, you can in 3 ways.

Invest money on purchasing search engine friendly themes (I use Thesis and I feel awesome)

Make your blog layout stunning by keeping your audience in mind (keep your font size big enough to easily skim through your contents – but don’t make it too big or too short) and read this post

Make them feel good

Respond to their comments.

If you are busy, respond to at least those comments which need a reply.

Make a good impression by writing your blog posts in a friendly tone. Don’t use abusive words, add humor and finally make them feel you’re their friend.

Step 4: Turn visitors into readers, and readers into loyal readers

Now.. this is the hard part.

This step is a long term approach. You can’t expect someone becoming loyal reader to your blog within a short time. You NEED to improve yourself to make anyone loyal to you.

Here’s a question for you..

When do you become loyal fan to any blog?

When the blog owner is

  • delivering great content for FREE
  • responding to you almost all them time
  • solving your blogging problems
  • making you to build a better blogger in your niche
  • and the list goes on..

Do the same things on your blog.

Make your about page shine

Most bloggers don’t give much priority to their readers on their ‘about page’

This is one of the dumbest mistakes any blogger could make. Create your about page for your readers, not to brag about you.

The 4 characteristics of the blogs with huge readership

What I observed from the top blogs like Social media examiner, Life Hacker, Problogger (this blog doesn’t need any link or introduction), Quicksprout is this, they became ONE stop guide for their readers.

  1. They deliver EXCEPTIONAL content… all the time
  2. They are consistent to engage with their readers (even if you don’t see frequent updates on their blogs, they will always be visible to you – via guest posts, videos or podcasts)
  3. Their design looks very professional (don’t make your blog design confusing, make it easy to read)
  4. They write awesome (I mean A.W.E.S.O.M.E)

When I Googled for the keyword “why no one is reading your blog”, I come up with generic points like;

  • you don’t have attention grabbing titles
  • you’re writing for the bots
  • you don’t have enough experience to write on hot topics in your niche (??!!)
  • your blog loads slowly etc

Those are indeed must have points to consider to make anyone to read your blog. I just want to keep this article stay out from covering the same old concepts.

I’d be happy if you implement the above tips on your blog. Please let me know your links once you have posted something great on your blogs. I’ll surely consider sharing, linking, or commenting on it.

Homework for you:

No, I don’t leave you without taking action after reading something on LBT. Here’s your homework.

  • Create a 2000+ word article (I know it’d be a new experience for most of you, believe me, you will get great results)
  • Put a deadline to complete it within 1 week or 10 days
  • Give me the link to that post after finishing it (or if you already have written the posts with 2000+ words, share the link in the comment section)

Now let me know when you don’t read a blog? Please share this post at least with one person. Hasta la vista, dude ;)

91 thoughts on “What to Do When No One Reads Your Blog?”

  1. I would love to add one more point be the first one to create a story on latest news, changes in whatever niche you relates to for example when google done the updates on their algorithm like panda, penguin and emd then try to write your views on it, be the first one to understand it clearly and help others also, to get traffic and to people read your blog !

    • That’s a great tip on creating interest on others to read our contents, Arun. But, writing opinionated content on the latest changes surely need some experience (writing or researching).

  2. Hi Rahul,
    Well I believe that readers may be not liking your content to read in your blog. This can be the best and the most possible reason why your blog is not being visited for the second time. Often bloggers do not engage with their visitors by replying to their comments. This also reduces visitors interest. I think interaction is definitely needed between a blogger and a reader. This is important after all. Thanks for the share!!

    • Blog commenting should be a way of engaging with the readers. You can attract more people to read and comment on your blog posts when you respond to them frequently.

      I don’t think responding to everyone is a MUST if you are creating high quality contents. There’s a strong reason behind saying it – if you spend the same time in creating great contents for them (instead of responding to everyone), it will surely help to grow their blogs in the long run.

      Thanks for stopping by Aditi, keep visiting the blog!

  3. Hi Rahul,

    After reading this article, I analyze why my blog is not getting much visitors? I came to know, most accurate reason is – I am not posting frequently. What should I do to post frequently in my blog? Mostly my time spend in thinking Should I post it or not? Another big reason may be poor writing skills, I think so.

    If you have some time from your busy schedule. Please review my writing style and tell me some tips to post frequently.


    • Hi Vipin,

      I think there’s one more problem with your blog in grabbing other readers attention – your niche is BIT different from others. Not many bloggers are aware of what you’re writing about!

      I recommend you to guest post on other bloggers and write keyword rich contents to get more attention and bring more readers to read your blog posts. BTW your niche will take some time to get some attention, continue your great work till then!

      And I’ll surely give my feedback about your blog, bro. Keep in touch!

  4. Hmm…
    Commenting and guest posting… 2 things I’ll be doing for my blog hereafter.
    Many people underestimate the power of commenting on other blogs. But the fact is, commenting is not just about getting instant viral traffic. It is all about creating relationship with the blogger and the community around the blog.

  5. No matter how long i think i have been into blogging your post always remind me that i still have a lot to learn…Though my blog site is doing great daily and my visitors are increasing.. and i must say Great tips you have here i will put them to test!

    • It’s good to know that you’re doing great with your blogs Ahmsta.. I hope you will get more online visibility soon. Let me know the results after implementing the above. All the best, keep visiting the blog Ahmsta

  6. I am visiting your blog after a very long time and before I hit the link, as I saw on Facebook I had expectations from you which you complete flawlessly. You are one of a kind who uses simple language to kill the doubt and describe things which can be understood in first time. Thank god for creating a blogger like you. Every newbie blogger must read your blog as other blogs mostly cover high-end and advanced topics which confuse most newbie bloggers but alas, you are the only one that I found who can teach a new blogger how to rule like a tiger in Jungle ;-)

    • Thanks for the kind words, Anuj. I’m glad that I’ve great readers like you on LBT. Introduce this blog to other readers (new bloggers) to let others find some great stuff (hopefully they will thank you for introducing this blog ;))

      BTW you’re doing great work on your blog, bro. Keep your great work up, rock on.

  7. I have not started guest blogging till now,and now i think it’s time to start doing some guest posts on some popular blogs :)
    Thanks for the share :)

  8. For me and most of bloggers/people out there if a blog is taking too much time to load than no one would go to your blog unless you are giving freebies as before seeing a blog design a person first wait for it to load.

    • Hi Anurag,

      Yea, I also hate popup’s. But if you want to build an email list quickly, you must be using some ‘tactics’ to grow. All popup’s aren’t the same, few will make others simply subscribe (by its design). Thanks for stopping by dude.

  9. All that you say is good; but what I feel is people do not read. Taking the pain of putting something together in great detail is wasted when someone comes to your blog and says something general like “Well written” – they just expect you to visit their blog and increase their traffic. Also, I’ve seen photographs work better than text. What do you think?

    • It definitely depends on your niche Anupama.

      Ask your readers, what kinda of content they are craving for. Is it visual content, textual and/or podcasts? Use survey monkey (it’s free) to know your readers feedback on your blogs.

      Let me know if you’ve any questions, welcome to the blog btw :)

  10. Excellent article with lots of good advice. I feel that the advice on writing a more lengthy article, periodically, is very good advice. When you think about how an automatic process like Google’s algorithm can check for quality, one metric that can certainly be easily measured is word length. It will not be the only factor of course, but it is very likely to be an important factor in assessing quality.

    Will :)

    • Hi Will,

      I’ve never actually worried about SEO and I RARELY recommend my readers to optimize their posts for the SE’s. If your primary goal is to build loyal readership, you must be creating contents for the readers.

      Writing detailed articles periodically will always help readers (especially the new bloggers) to gain learn something from A to Z

      Thanks for the comment, Will.

  11. Commenting at LBT after a long time.

    That was a good post, buddy! Continue the good work.
    I already have the experience of writing detailed articles and the longest one I’ve ever written went OVER 45000 words, it was wonderful experience and worth a try for any blogger.

    Just a suggestion: write an article on writing detailed posts, faster!
    They consume a lot of time.

    Btw, I just noticed there’s so much for commentators to do to leave a comment like “check this box”, commentluv checkbox, notify for follow-up comments check box, twitter username, ebook checkbox and the fields though they’re essential. I’d suggest you to limit them. :)


  12. A very long-long time waiting new post Rahul. Your writing style no one can steal it. Only you the best writer EVER!!!

    I will make my best shot to write 2000+ words :D

  13. Enjoyed reading your post Rahul,

    I always write 1000+ words post, plus I have written lots of 2000+ words articles on my blog and I still write 2 or 3 in a month.

    I agree with you that blog design plays a big role and It can encourage the first time visitor to stick with your blog.

    Rahul, I must say that the another reason on why no one will read your blog is that you stop updating your blog and change your posting schedule, that is what you’re doing Rahul. Rather than keeping yourself busy on writing for others, keep your readers busy in reading your blog, I don’t mean write daily, but at least stick with one posting schedule.

    Well, that was my own opinion so feel free to disagree.

    • Hi Ehsan I too feel that Rahul not updating his blog regularly…he published this article after 23 days.

      I advice rahul to update his blog regularly than writing for others.

  14. Hi Rahul,
    Nice post, but I am confuse little but, how can we write 2000 post twice in a month, I know we can write 2000 word post but not every post can be that much long, it depends on the requirement of post sometimes we can write more than 2 post of 2000 words and sometimes we don’t have anything to write.
    What you think buddy how can we elaborate the post or Choose topics which fits for 2000 word posts.

  15. I don’t know about the spammers who leave a comment like “great post” but pretty much sometimes there are articles that I see and I feel so dazed that I can say only stuff like “great post”. But its from the heart dude.

  16. I guess my main problem is posting schedule. As I am doing a day time job , writing article is a little bit hectic for me.Sometimes I do post 3-4 articles in a week and maybe in the next 1 week i dont even get enough time to visit my blog. Suggest me Rahul , how do you keep your posting schedule well maintained. Do you have a job or you are a full time blogger ?

    • Kushal, Since you are damn busy the best way is for you to stick to detailed post. This way even if you write only once a week. You are good to go.

      As Rahul said you would need to do a lot of promotion. Spend 80% OF YOU TIME promoting and 20 % writing this way you are going to get a lot of followers. This is what I did in my massive post 23 Seo SIN THAT CAN LAND YOU IN GOOGLE HELL.

      Have a splendid day Kushal

  17. Hi Rahul, Merry Christmas! Always love your great tips. Guest Blogging is a definitely great way to get massive traffic and blog commenting as well. But detailed post is more for me and I believe the important of getting readers is how we promote it.

    Thanks – Ferb

  18. The biggest problem is that visitor dont bother to subscribe your blog. especially Indian visitors..they like , they comment but rarely the subscribe…I have even seen a phase when 1300 people visited my post in an hour and not even a single of them subscribed it..that the thing i feel most frustrating thing..what should i do for it… Do people even read my blog?????

  19. I have come here before but had a rough look on your article. Today i read the full article. As far as i know, my articles are 99.9% unique (as its a tech blog i need some reference to the latest Tech news).
    About commenting, i do. Not only for a link back but to build relation with each blogger. Guest posting, have done a few till now. Now it brings me to blog design. I don’t know if i would call my blog’s design poor or average. You are an experienced blogger. need your feedback on my Blog ( from articles to design ). Visit when free and leave comment as your feedback as i am not subscribing to follow up comments (You get tooo much of comments and will spam my inbox :P )

  20. Wow Rahul, really epic content. This is my first visit here at your blog and and I’ve already spent almost 20-25 mins here. As I am new to blogosphere I had a lot of questions about how I can drive more traffic to my website. Your post has given me a lot of insights for that. Thanks.


  21. Rahul, Step1 is beneficial for new bloggers too, at least if an attempt is made to write 2000+ once or twice with the time limit, it improves writing detailed articles & no doubt the top blogs you mentioned are exceptional & awesome.

  22. Hi, Rahul
    I got an interesting information about blogging..
    thanks for sharing such ‘must know info’ with us… :)
    Actually i am new in blogging so want to know one thing that i writes on technical topics(electronics/engineering) on my blog, so what should i do to get more loyal visitors because i has to write detailed artical about “How think works”…

  23. writing 2000+ words article twice a month kinda needs a lot of attention and knowledge towards blogging.. Basically this can be earned by reading lots and lots of blog articles and research them wisely.. Thank you for the such well written post

  24. Hi Rahul, First of thanks for this post and updating your blog. may be know days your very busy. I have request to you please update your blog and change your blogging schedule. coz we have need your guides and tips in our blogging career.

    Now i am going to say about this topic. it is a informative information about blogging. I am agree your this point that blog design is very important and big role in success blogging. I will follow your suggestion. :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  25. hy Rahul,great post to become pro blogger,i got some of the facts here like to write post of at least 600 words,and especially long post. According to my words ” You must have something interesting and useful for the visitors to stick with your page.”

  26. If no one reads a blog then definitely there is nothing new in the blog…Readers love to read something which is very new..If I keep making same type of posts and I always write in the same style then I may never get good number of readers. A blogger should regularly update his blog and keep trying different styles of writing….Rahul by writing this type of post you are helping many bloggers to not give up even if no one is reading the blog properly…

  27. Dear Rahul,

    A humble suggestion. I read an article on your blog a couple of days back and I forgot the title.

    It would be beneficial for the readers if you could please add a search button in your blog. Please ignore if its not worth it.


    • Hi Rafi,

      Sorry for the late response to you!

      I’ve embedded search box at the end of the widgets, as I’m not so much interested to put search box in the prominent place, because my goals on this blog are bit different. Thanks for the suggestion and you’re always welcome to give your feedback on this blog :)

      Have a great year ahead, btw you’ve a great blog, keep up your great work.

  28. Certainly, no man is an island. Connecting with other bloggers is truly premium for the success of any blog. I think writing controversial posts will also make one unique.
    This post’s header really caught my attention and I was forced to read because of the catchy header.

  29. Thank You Rahul. This is very useful information to me. Thanks a lot. Great information. Please Give more more tips on blogging. Please. I am waiting for your next article.

  30. I have been doing a lot of work with my blog lately, but I see no results still. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you have no one visiting your blog. I’ll try the tips in this article.

  31. Hello Rahul
    I know I might be little Late to Comment on this Post but I could not Resist. Well I actually setup My blog in January 2013 as I was really fascinated about the Idea that one can share his/her knowledge,experience and Opnion and can get Repsonces about it, But I am unable to Figure out that whether I am writing good content or not? As I am following all the Guidelines for writing an article With proper kwyword research and Kwyword Placement and checking SEO score so I could get visibility for my blog posts in Google Search, But I think If you can make any Honest opnion about my articles and Give me a Short Feedback then I will be really grateful, I have been following your blog as I see your Content unique. It feels like you are really having a Seminar. So If you can take out some Time from your Precious schedule please let me Know your Honest opinion.

  32. I really have my blog where no one is reading!

    Your tips must be really useful. Thanks for the motivation I will apply these things in my next blog :)


  33. Hey Rahul,
    awesome post with great information. I really enjoyed the whole post while reading and I think all the newbies surely got some benefits after reading this post. Commenting on other blog, regular updating blog and good design of blog are the most important factors for any blog and these three factors really help on attracting readers. Thanks for sharing this post.

  34. Hi Rahul…
    Its very common to new blogger. newbies always face the problem you said above.But if he work on the tips you shared above..he will surely start getting traffic as well as responses.One should doesn’t loss his patience in that time. You share wonderful article.Thanks

  35. Hey Rahul,

    I must say that writing a 2,000 words article can help your blog in so many ways. It doesn’t have to be 2,000 words, but long and full of juicy information.

    When I last written a very long post, it turned out to become the most popular article on my blog, getting over 160 comments. That was an eye-opener for me.

    I will now try to apply your tips of writing more detailed post.

    Thanks again pal.

  36. Article Title is too good. Nice piece of information. I will wait for your next articles. Excellent. I want to try your blog tips in my blog. Iam trying to post maximum 700 – 800 words but not useful. Search Engine will not takes in top position. That is my problem. Give me your suggestions…….. PLZZZZZZZZZz

  37. Thank you for this awesome article. I just started a new blog (it’s not even indexed yet!) and these are really useful tips. Traffic has been slow till now, it’s been a week I’ve been promoting my posts on Facebook and twitter…
    I will incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible (especially writing 200 word articles)

  38. Hey there Rahul ,
    I do feel that you must be conscience of the wording used when writing . I find creating text with very simplistic wording helps multitudes and helps readers visualize the thoughts of the author . Although I am not the best blogger and have not yet received much traffic ,I stay optimistic about the tides changing . My blogs are about how musicians can succeed at doing various things in order to create better sales , fan base and knowledge in their journey as an recording artist. Perhaps this field is over saturated , but I know my voice is unique and even better when I am speaking on stages around North America . My words to everyone is to continue writing until you get fluent at it . Then worry bout Seo’s etc . It will come with practice !

  39. I like the way tips are given in ur post, and the homework part really interested me because I really took it as a challenge to write 2000 words in a post as I had you in mind who would review and suggest how I was doing

  40. That’s great to see how we can change our blog to a readable one. For getting read by audience first we should get exposure to our blog. That can be done by guest posting, social media. Then the other requirement is providing quality content. BTW Nice article.

  41. Thanks for writing such amazing solution for bloggers like me who are struggling with view numbers. My blog has pretty low number of viewing recently which makes me confused a lot. Thanks for the tip of writing over 2000 words post and changing the visual look. Hope you keep on sharing valueable information like this.

  42. Hello Rahul,
    It was a nice experience to read your post. It is also an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. post, I will say. I will follow your suggestions and will try to write articles of more than 2000+ words and won’t forget to share :-)

  43. Seriously this is good post . Mine blog is also in same position. Hey i don’t want to earn money from my blog but want to review on sites and just want to write on what i feel to write about but even i want others to read on. Let me look into your rest posts. Is my idea is a bad to review on sites or things which i feel to?

  44. Hi, Rahul I am new blogger and I have been blogging for last 20 days but I am unable to get anyone to read my blog I belive I wrote some original content and some I took form ezine articles and then I changes that article almost 80 percent of it but still ther is faliure as I have checked my google analytics there is zero vistiors so now I will do what you told me to do write a article at least with 2000 words. I have put my website name please if you can come and check my site and correct me where I am going wrong.

  45. This is amazing article, this is very helpful for me. It is very tough to attract visitors in your blog and your information is awesome and definitely i will apply these steps mentioned above.

    Thanks for the information :)

  46. Hi Rahul,
    I really enjoyed to read this blog post. I came to know, what is my littel bit mistakes which I had done on my blog.
    I’ll definatly remember all the tips and I’ll write 2000+ words article twice in a month. I know it’s not easy task for me but i will do.
    Thanku for sharing the wonderful article :) :D

  47. Thanks for the article. I want my content to improve and be more appealing to prospective readers but is there a simple way to be sure that I have it all set up to maximize it’s visibility?

  48. Hi! I’m sarah and i made my own blog maybe about a month ago, i have a few things up, i mean its a blog for girls only, but i have no idea what to do now. i don’t really want to get readers from my social media, i was looking for a blogging community, but they look strange to me. Idk where to begin. Do you have any tips on where to find other bloggers that will give feedback or receive it as well?

  49. I totally agree with you on staying away from being self-indulgent. I have had my blog for over a year and realized quickly that simply having a diary just won’t cut it. My question is, though, how do I get out of my comfort zone? I have voice, but I don’t know how to have one that matters.

  50. Start your blog with a catchy title. By which readers and viewers can attract to blog blog. It’s a nice blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  51. Thanks for the advice! Here is my homework. The post came in just over 2000 words. Woo! My problem is I have tried to evolve my blog from a wordpress travel journal into an actual informational piece about language teaching and learning. My problem is it was just so much more interesting when I was writing about living in Italy. I would love to somehow travel again as a writer/language teacher and I feel like blogging helps boost my writing skills. It all seems so fruitless is no one is reading the content.

    • I agree with your point Christine that by blogging our writing skills improved so much. And write the content you love to write about. And about which you know everything.

  52. Hey i don’t want to earn money from my blog but want to review on sites and just want to write on what i feel to write about but even i want others to read on. Let me look into your rest posts. Is my idea is a bad to review on sites or things which i feel to?

  53. Thanks Rahul, great tips. No one reading my blog has made me even more miserable so I’ll take your advice on board. Learn from my misery mistakes @miseryteacher.com.

  54. Hey Rahul,

    I enjoyed the article and have done, or at least tried much of what you suggest, yet I struggle with readership… which is why I read this article :) I write a ‘geek’ blog and feel that I walk the line of being too technical for the average reader, but not technical enough for the geek who finds it. As such, my readership is low. One thing I will definitely try is contacting bloggers in the niche of my articles for feedback. I never considered that.

  55. The days of 300-500words crappy blog post is gone! Far gone! The content of the web is on the high end, and bloggers have to keep up by creating lengthy content (although the quality must justify the word count).

    I am however surprised you did not talk about visual representation of ideas in blog post, in one of my blog, the most popular post happens to be the one with info graphics on it. I think readers would prefer pictures and videos if you can create a quality one. It helps in reducing the bounce rate significantly.
    Thanks for this insightful post again

  56. Hi rahul,

    I usually comment on other peoples blog but still i am getting 0 visitor. My blog is 1 month old.

    Also, i share my posts on fb but none of my friends like it even on the the fb status.

    What to do? I am stuck!!!

  57. Yes i do feel same. But yes i have started writing big content on my blog now a days. Also I’m going to edit all my blog post to make it around 2000 words.

  58. Thank you for this article!! I am a newbie blogger too, and even before I start, I knew I do that for myself. Who knows, maybe someone later will notice my presence online too. It may take years I guess… I also comment on other blogs but not like crazy, I only comment when I really like what I read. Hey, we shouldn’t sacrifice everything to be famous blogger online! We should be genuine.

  59. Thank you for the article!! But 2000 words?? I thought people wouldn’t even have time to read that much! But what about people who started a blog because it gives them that anonymous freedom.. coz .. they lack that confidence or think my blog is not even that good.. now they have to tell people because honestly no one is even looking at my blog!

  60. I will be taking on your Challenge.After 7-10 days I will certainly reply my own comment with the post.

    Rahul , I am newbie in this field.with two other friends we have started a tech Niche blogging site.I was aware of aspects of SEO so from start we try to make our articles SEO friendly.I even tried and am try to put backinks of my site if I find an opportunity.
    My question is , for a newly started blog , are all this things too much?Do I just focus on my content and leave other SEO etc, factors for later?What would you give to someone new to this field?

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