What to Do When No One Reads Your Blog?

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How to make someone read your blog?

How to make someone read your blog?

No page views, no comments, no links, no nothing.

My blog sucks

My blog SUCKS

My bbbblog S.U.C.K.S

Hold on, man!

It’s OK.

I know (for anyone who has been blogging for more than two weeks knows) that, successful blogging needs raving fans and loyal readers.

Your blogging success isn’t about your next blog post. It’s about all of your posts.

So, what to do when no one reads your blog?

Find out the reasons first.

Ask yourself this question.

Why others are not reading my blog?

  • Are you just rehashing what others are saying?
  • Is your blog design not appealing?
  • Are you forgetting to optimize your blog posts for the search engines?
  • And the most important question… do you know what YOU are TALKING about?

There should at least ONE reason which is stopping others to read your blog.

What do your visitors (or readers) want from your blog?

  • Regular updates?
  • Great stuff that can immediately change their blogs after reading the posts?
  • Or something else??

Find out the specific reasons first.

Then.. follow these 4 steps (I’m sure you can make anyone to read your blog by implementing them)

Step 1: Write 2000+ words articles twice a month

what to do when no one reads your blogWhy? Why should I write detailed articles?

Before answering your questions, let me clear few things.

Do you know 9 out of 10 bloggers create the blog posts with an average count of 600 words?

What can you learn from this?

Simple.. if you want to stand out from the crowd, create detailed posts.

No.. you don’t always need to create detailed posts.

I don’t suggest that tip especially if you’re new to blogging. Instead, create detailed posts twice a month.


Email that link to the influential bloggers in your niche.

Don’t ask them to leave a comment.

Just ask their feedback about the post.

They might consider sharing, tweeting, commenting or even linking to your post if they find it USEFUL.

This is the simplest way to get some attention from other bloggers to read your blog.

All you need is to take time to write 2 detailed posts/month. That’s it! Lets jump into the next step.

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[note]A personal note: I don’t believe the word count that makes any blog post in going viral. It RARELY happens. How can you expect a post going viral that contains loads of shit? But, detailed posts definitely can make your blog stand out. Make sure your 2000 words are precious, remove the unwanted words ruthlessly. Don’t create an article just for the sake of writing 2000+ words.[/note]

Step 2: Go and get some visibility online

Don’t expect your 2000+ word article going to be viral, get hundreds of tweets and shares.

It won’t happen.

If it happens, you won’t read this post ;)

You have to get some visibility to your BEST posts.

How can do that?

2 old methods..

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Guest blogging

I don’t need to write about the above things again just to fill this post. So, I’ll leave them up to you.

Here’s what I can give you a unique tip.

Promote others stuff on Facebook and twitter

Instead of promoting your own contents and being selfish, spend the same time to promote others stuff.

This will surely give you great results in no time. Follow this tip, let me know the results!

Step 3: Roll out the red carpet for your blog visitors

Give sooo much importance to your visitors that they can’t forget visiting your blog no matter what.

How can you do that?

Make your blog design appealing

If someone lands on your blog for the first time, they should think that they have landed on a top notch blog.

Hold on, Rahul.. I’ve a question, is is really possible to make someone loyal to my blog  just by its design?

Yep, you can in 3 ways.

Invest money on purchasing search engine friendly themes (I use Thesis and I feel awesome)

Make your blog layout stunning by keeping your audience in mind (keep your font size big enough to easily skim through your contents – but don’t make it too big or too short) and read this post

Make them feel good

Respond to their comments.

If you are busy, respond to at least those comments which need a reply.

Make a good impression by writing your blog posts in a friendly tone. Don’t use abusive words, add humor and finally make them feel you’re their friend.

Step 4: Turn visitors into readers, and readers into loyal readers

Now.. this is the hard part.

This step is a long term approach. You can’t expect someone becoming loyal reader to your blog within a short time. You NEED to improve yourself to make anyone loyal to you.

Here’s a question for you..

When do you become loyal fan to any blog?

When the blog owner is

  • delivering great content for FREE
  • responding to you almost all them time
  • solving your blogging problems
  • making you to build a better blogger in your niche
  • and the list goes on..

Do the same things on your blog.

Make your about page shine

Most bloggers don’t give much priority to their readers on their ‘about page’

This is one of the dumbest mistakes any blogger could make. Create your about page for your readers, not to brag about you.

The 4 characteristics of the blogs with huge readership

What I observed from the top blogs like Social media examiner, Life Hacker, Problogger (this blog doesn’t need any link or introduction), Quicksprout is this, they became ONE stop guide for their readers.

  1. They deliver EXCEPTIONAL content… all the time
  2. They are consistent to engage with their readers (even if you don’t see frequent updates on their blogs, they will always be visible to you – via guest posts, videos or podcasts)
  3. Their design looks very professional (don’t make your blog design confusing, make it easy to read)
  4. They write awesome (I mean A.W.E.S.O.M.E)

When I Googled for the keyword “why no one is reading your blog”, I come up with generic points like;

  • you don’t have attention grabbing titles
  • you’re writing for the bots
  • you don’t have enough experience to write on hot topics in your niche (??!!)
  • your blog loads slowly etc

Those are indeed must have points to consider to make anyone to read your blog. I just want to keep this article stay out from covering the same old concepts.

I’d be happy if you implement the above tips on your blog. Please let me know your links once you have posted something great on your blogs. I’ll surely consider sharing, linking, or commenting on it.

Homework for you:

No, I don’t leave you without taking action after reading something on LBT. Here’s your homework.

  • Create a 2000+ word article (I know it’d be a new experience for most of you, believe me, you will get great results)
  • Put a deadline to complete it within 1 week or 10 days
  • Give me the link to that post after finishing it (or if you already have written the posts with 2000+ words, share the link in the comment section)

Now let me know when you don’t read a blog? Please share this post at least with one person. Hasta la vista, dude ;)