How to Create An 800 Words Article In 25 Minutes [Without Sacrificing the Quality]?

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write 800 words article in 25 minutes

How to write an 800 words article in 25 minutes?

Writing quality blog posts take time. I agree.

But it’s not always true.

With a proper technique you can create better blog posts in less time.

Here’s how the process goes to write an 800 words article in 25 minutes..

  1. Write headlines first
  2. Write at least 3 subheads for each headline
  3. Use distraction free writing tools
  4. Fill the subheads
  5. Introduction & end of the article next
  6. Repeat the process

1. Write headlines first

I actually store all the headline ideas in a separate folder called “headline ideas”. Whenever I’m in a mood to write, I simply open the folder and fill the details. This is by far the most effective way of writing faster blog posts.

If you want to write an 800 words article in 25 minutes – write headlines first.

Few people may disagree with me here about writing headlines first. No matter what their reasons are, here are the top reasons for writing headlines first.

  • You’ll get an idea of what are you’re writing about (when you’ve headlines)
  • You’ll write faster blog posts (read the complete post, you’ll agree)
  • You can always tweak the headline later (most convincing reason)

So, how to come up with headline ideas?

The idea is so simple.

Here are two steps to follow.

Step 1: Create a folder called “Headline Ideas” in your PC RIGHT NOW (yea, go and create it NOW).

Step 2: Whenever you’re reading something on Internet (like reading this article), you’ll get some ideas about what to write. Simply write them into your folder using a notepad – and name it as “post titles”

How can get headline ideas while reading something??

For example, if you’re reading this article – you may get ideas like;

  • How to Write A Productive Review that Sell In 30 Minutes
  • Why Writing Long Posts Always Work
  • How to Write Quality Posts In Less time?
  • Why Shouldn’t You Care About Blog Post Length?

And the list goes on..

2. Subheads next

After having headline ideas in your “post titles” >> start writing sub heads to the very topic >> at least divide every post with 3 subheads

So you’re going to write min. of 3 subheads for every headline.


3. Use these essential tools

You need a pomodoro timer and zenwriter to get this done.

Start pomodoro timer

If you’re reading LBT for a couple of days, you must be aware of pomodoro timer.

Hello… did you remember pomodoro???

Okay here’s the short summary about pomodoro if you’re not aware of it.

It’s a great 25 minute technique that makes you more productive.

Here’s how pomodoro technique works..

Set the pomodoro (timer) to 25 minutes; work on the task until the timer rings; record with an x; take a short break (3-5 minutes).

Download Tomighty tool here (I personally use this timer)

After downloading the tool, here’s what you need to do;

  1. Go to your “headlines folder”
  2. Open “post titles” and pick your favorite headline among them
  3. Open zenwriter (download it here)
  4. Start pomodoro
  5. Now.. start writing

4. Fill the subheads

A blog post without subheads is “void”

I’ve never read a killer article without having sub heads. Sub headings are what makes your blog post look more appealing, and by breaking your content into sub heads – you can easily grab online readers attention.

Why using subheads is a MUST?

Here are few reasons..

  • Easy to skim
  • Easy to digest your meat of the post
  • Easy to make a relevant comment on the post (without actually reading the entire post ;))
  • Subheads give a sexy look to the entire post (crafting is the key to make any post go viral, agree?)

No matter either you’re writing a How to post or a list post – subheads can easily be used.

See, this post is the best example. This is actually a How to post, still I’m using subheads, because I know their importance.

5. Introduction & end of the article next

After completing the subheads, fill up the introduction lines and the end of the article.

Make sure you’re taking ‘extra’ time to write your first few lines. After all, your introduction is what hooks your audience immediately to read the entire post.

Take a 5 minute break

When the pomodoro tool, rings a bell after 25 minutes – you’ve to take a 5 minute break.

No matter how much you’re involved in writing.

I know this may look dumb in the beginning, but 5 min break can really boost your productivity.

What to do in the 5 min. break?

Come out of your room. Walk. Think about the post (what else can you add more to provide value to the readers – I usually get tons of ideas during the 5 min break)


After 5 minutes, go back to work.

Again start using the pomodoro.

Repeat the process until you’re done.

When you’re starting with this process, it might actually take 2 pomodoro cycles (50 minutes) to finish 800 words article (still, it’s not at all bad, right?)

Very soon, you’ll finish 800 words article in 1 iteration (i.e. 25 minutes).

That’s how this post is made ;)

[note]Here’s the preview of the very article (using the same process)

How to Create A 800 Words Article In 25 Minutes [Without Sacrificing the Quality]? (write headlines first, subheads next, start pomodoro timer, start filling the subheads first, introduction & end of the article next, take a 5 minute break and REPEAT)[/note]

Over to you:

Let me know if you’ve any difficulties in implementing this process. I’m still using the same process and getting tremendous results every time.

A simple homework for you:

Write a 800 word article using this process, use my contact form (or send a friend request to me on Facebook) – send me the link of the article after publishing it. I’ll consider leaving a thoughtful comment on it.