6 Little-Known Ways to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger

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how to overcome procrastination as a bloggerObserve the image once.

You… procrastinator, look at the image at least for 5 seconds.


What did you understand from the pic?

He is unable to write his own procrastination list, stopped at 1 ;)

If you’re just like him (I mean, if you’re procrastinating everything), this article is for you.

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How to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger?

#1. Follow 10 minute rule

Work in small chunks.

Just work 10 minutes.

Break down your time into 10 minute slots and work on it. Take a break once you finish 10 minute work.

Repeat the process until you find it easy to extend the limit.

#2. Put reset buttons

Challenge yourself with crazy tasks everyday.

Get up early tomorrow: We all know most people who work online don’t get up early in the morning, because we stay up late in the nights. Go to bed early today and get up early tomorrow. This can give you a fresh feeling to start a new day to work on your goals.

Read offline stuff instead of online: Why always read online? Try reading offline stuff this time. If you like any article (like this!), take a print out and read offline. Offline reading not only make you a better reader, but you’ll also be able to learn the things bit fast (yes, try it).

Don’t touch your laptop/PC tomorrow, work offline: When was the last time you didn’t touch your laptop? A year back?? Okay, try this out this time, don’t open your laptop tomorrow, don’t come online for ONE WHOLE DAY. Do offline things.

Don’t use Facebook for 1 whole day: This is as similar the above tip, but in case if you can’t live without laptop, at least try this. Don’t open Facebook, here is a detailed article on avoiding Facebook distractions. Read it.

All the above work as a reset button which can immensely improve your productivity to overcome procrastination as a blogger.

#3. Don’t sit in front of your PC

When you feel lazy to work or when you’re constantly procrastinating your work – GET UP!

Don’t sit in front of your PC or laptop.

Whenever you feel sabotaged – Stand up and walk.

This will work like a charm and you’ll feel it’s easy to work on your task instead of standing and walking around your room whenever you feel lazy. Killer tip, isn’t it? ;)

beat procrastination

Source: http://superpasta.tumblr.com

#4. Put a comma to your online distractions

Limit your online distractions.

No matter how much you’re addicted to online, there’s always a way to overcome it.

If you want to put a full stop (instead of comma) to your online distractions – meditation is the key.

Here’s a great video on “One moment meditation”

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6eFFCi12v8′]

So, how are you feeling after one minute meditation?? :)

#5. Want to be a productive blogger? Put deadlines

I love deadlines. I can give my best if I’ve to finish something within the time limits.

I always say this with my clients and I encourage them to give deadlines to finish the tasks super fast without actually sacrificing the quality.

If you want to overcome procrastination as a blogger, give it a shot – give yourself deadlines.

3 unique ways to create deadlines that work

1. Set a goal: Make it specific and measurable

2. Notify your Facebook friends: They’ll confirm that you’ve accomplished your goals within deadliens. Choose friends you trust!

3. Put cash: If you don’t meet your goals within the deadlines, give them some money (make a deal of $5 for each task, increase the bounty if your goal is BIG).

This is by far the best (yet least used) tactic to create deadlines that work.

#6. Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro is a great tool to overcome procrastination as a blogger

  1. Set time for 25 mins
  2. Focus on ONE task
  3. Finish at least 4 pomodoros per day

Bonus tip: Enjoy your procrastination time

Do whatever you want.


Don’t regret.

Even if you’re too busy to work on your goals, still procrastinating it, then enjoy whatever you do.

Enjoy your free time. We always hate ourselves when we do useless stuff like Facebooking, chatting or opening emails too often, we regret later.

Don’t repeat it this time, do what you love (whatever you’re doing!).

Follow this tip, you’ll notice a great difference very soon. The key is to give yourself some time to get this done.

How Good is Your Time Management?

This is your homework today. It’s just a 2 minute task, trust me, it’s worth your time.

Open this page, you’ll be asked few questions about time management, tick the right options and calculate how productive you’re.

Let me know the results in the comments section (don’t do one liners please, add more tips or ask questions related to time management or ignore commenting!)

Over to you

Let me know if you’ve any more ways to overcome procrastination as a blogger.