6 Little-Known Ways to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger

how to overcome procrastination as a bloggerObserve the image once.

You… procrastinator, look at the image at least for 5 seconds.


What did you understand from the pic?

He is unable to write his own procrastination list, stopped at 1 ;)

If you’re just like him (I mean, if you’re procrastinating everything), this article is for you.

Please share and leave thoughtful comments if you like it. Now, go ahead!

How to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger?

#1. Follow 10 minute rule

Work in small chunks.

Just work 10 minutes.

Break down your time into 10 minute slots and work on it. Take a break once you finish 10 minute work.

Repeat the process until you find it easy to extend the limit.

#2. Put reset buttons

Challenge yourself with crazy tasks everyday.

Get up early tomorrow: We all know most people who work online don’t get up early in the morning, because we stay up late in the nights. Go to bed early today and get up early tomorrow. This can give you a fresh feeling to start a new day to work on your goals.

Read offline stuff instead of online: Why always read online? Try reading offline stuff this time. If you like any article (like this!), take a print out and read offline. Offline reading not only make you a better reader, but you’ll also be able to learn the things bit fast (yes, try it).

Don’t touch your laptop/PC tomorrow, work offline: When was the last time you didn’t touch your laptop? A year back?? Okay, try this out this time, don’t open your laptop tomorrow, don’t come online for ONE WHOLE DAY. Do offline things.

Don’t use Facebook for 1 whole day: This is as similar the above tip, but in case if you can’t live without laptop, at least try this. Don’t open Facebook, here is a detailed article on avoiding Facebook distractions. Read it.

All the above work as a reset button which can immensely improve your productivity to overcome procrastination as a blogger.

#3. Don’t sit in front of your PC

When you feel lazy to work or when you’re constantly procrastinating your work – GET UP!

Don’t sit in front of your PC or laptop.

Whenever you feel sabotaged – Stand up and walk.

This will work like a charm and you’ll feel it’s easy to work on your task instead of standing and walking around your room whenever you feel lazy. Killer tip, isn’t it? ;)

beat procrastination
Source: http://superpasta.tumblr.com

#4. Put a comma to your online distractions

Limit your online distractions.

No matter how much you’re addicted to online, there’s always a way to overcome it.

If you want to put a full stop (instead of comma) to your online distractions – meditation is the key.

Here’s a great video on “One moment meditation”

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6eFFCi12v8′]

So, how are you feeling after one minute meditation?? :)

#5. Want to be a productive blogger? Put deadlines

I love deadlines. I can give my best if I’ve to finish something within the time limits.

I always say this with my clients and I encourage them to give deadlines to finish the tasks super fast without actually sacrificing the quality.

If you want to overcome procrastination as a blogger, give it a shot – give yourself deadlines.

3 unique ways to create deadlines that work

1. Set a goal: Make it specific and measurable

2. Notify your Facebook friends: They’ll confirm that you’ve accomplished your goals within deadliens. Choose friends you trust!

3. Put cash: If you don’t meet your goals within the deadlines, give them some money (make a deal of $5 for each task, increase the bounty if your goal is BIG).

This is by far the best (yet least used) tactic to create deadlines that work.

#6. Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro is a great tool to overcome procrastination as a blogger

  1. Set time for 25 mins
  2. Focus on ONE task
  3. Finish at least 4 pomodoros per day

Bonus tip: Enjoy your procrastination time

Do whatever you want.


Don’t regret.

Even if you’re too busy to work on your goals, still procrastinating it, then enjoy whatever you do.

Enjoy your free time. We always hate ourselves when we do useless stuff like Facebooking, chatting or opening emails too often, we regret later.

Don’t repeat it this time, do what you love (whatever you’re doing!).

Follow this tip, you’ll notice a great difference very soon. The key is to give yourself some time to get this done.

How Good is Your Time Management?

This is your homework today. It’s just a 2 minute task, trust me, it’s worth your time.

Open this page, you’ll be asked few questions about time management, tick the right options and calculate how productive you’re.

Let me know the results in the comments section (don’t do one liners please, add more tips or ask questions related to time management or ignore commenting!)

Over to you

Let me know if you’ve any more ways to overcome procrastination as a blogger.

52 thoughts on “6 Little-Known Ways to Overcome Procrastination As A Blogger”

  1. You said about the 10 minutes one.
    What i do is some modified version of the 25 minute rule. I work continuously for 20-22 minutes, After this time is over then there are 3-5 minutes left for the 25 min rule to get over so then i jot down the points that come in my mind for further writing in some notebook nearby. and then i follow the further steps of this rule.
    I also liked the point of Social Media Distraction because of it’s addiction, you really explained in an elaborated way.

    • Hey Harsh,

      I already talked about 25 minute rule here (http://learnblogtips.com/8hrs-work-day/). I suggest you to read the post. And yea, 25 minute rule can REALLY enhance your productivity as a blogger as I personally follow it.

      Social media addiction has a great impact on young bloggers these days, instead of making use of social media sites, most bloggers are killing their productive time. More article to come in this category, stay tuned Harsh!

      • Yes bro, Actually one of my friend suggested me to read your blog, so I’ve added you to my niche recently. I guess this was my first comment on your blog and you left a reply.
        Am glad that you interact with your visitors and i’ll do the same with my upcoming blog’s future ;)

  2. Hey Rahul,
    Another great post! All I can say is WOW!
    I think most of the people who work online are procrastinator like me. Definitely I will follow your tips like not using laptop, offline reading etc. And let you know the results.
    But I will do it later, not tomorrow ;)

    • Hi Istiak,

      Let me know if you’ve any difficulties in implementing these tips, all are tried and tested, so they’ll certainly work for you too!

      Thanks for stopping by, keep in touch Istiak :)

  3. My current Score is 60.

    The No. 5 point is the most crucial one as Deadlines can really STOP PROCRASTINATION only if you are SERIOUS about what you are doing. Otherwise anything in this World will not work and you will end up procrastinating.

    Pomodro technique takes 25 minutes of your TIME and after that you can take a break. Right?
    But in the first point you have said that take a break after every 10 minutes.
    I just want to know which one is better according to you.
    So please REPLY.

    • Hi Anurag,

      After reading a lot of buzz about procrastination, what I found is, “one can’t do anything even if he knows about something from top to toe – it’s useless if you don’t follow what you learn”.

      So, the best tip to stop procrastination is to get your hands on the work immediately, not next hour or minute!

      Pomodoro technique works ONLY when you’re already using your time effectively. When you’re procrastinating everything apply “10 minute rule”. I hope you got the clarity now! Let me know if you have any more queries :) I’ll be glad to respond!

  4. Nice tips Rahul. Another important thing to avoid procrastination is to plan your day ahead. I usually write up my task list for the next day before I go to bed the previous day. This gives me a clear focus and goal points to work on when I start my next day. When I start a day without knowing what to accomplish and sit at my desk, most of the time my mind wanders, does useless stuff and I take up one task and leave it uncompleted (procrastination).

    But when I have a set of things to be COMPLETED on a day, I simply put my ass on the chair and get it done :)

    • You almost discussed few things which I’m going to cover on my next blog post Jane ;)

      I’m gonna write about creating todo lists that work on my upcoming post, I’ve already been implementing the tips, I’ll publish it when I’m satisfied with the results.

      Thanks for the comment Jane, I always love to see you on LBT, have a great success with your new eBook! I’ll be definitely writing a review on it as soon as I finish reading it.

  5. My score was 47. Believe it or not, the majority of my answers were right in the middle.

    Goal setting and doing all the steps in it sounds ridiculous for me. I do have a goal for a year from now. I do have sub-goals to help along the way. However, as far as writing them down — no, I do not do that. I do have a todo list though and I have set up so flexible deadline for each task on it.

    So much of what I am doing right now falls into the category of being important. Prioritized just is not working for me too well.

    Interruptions are h— for me. I work at home and my husband must be assuming what I want to do is not as important as him talking to me. I try to schedule most tasks for when he is at work but because of wifely duties, that is not always possible. It is frustrating to say the least.
    Rahul, if you are married, DO NOT do this to your wife.

    • 47? It’s not at all a bad score Glyins.

      Interruptions are common for anyone who work online. The best remedy for this is to start your day right. How you start your day is how you end – keep that in mind.

      Create todo lists, give top priorities, start them right away every morning instead of opening Internet! Hope this helps and thanks for the last tip, I’ll consider it for sure ;)

  6. Hello Rahul,

    This is my first visit to your blog and after reading this article all I can say is I like your writing style, seriously. Many bloggers out there write some junk in big paragraphs which is very difficult to catch the meat. As a blogger its our responsibility to write useful content and keeping that in mind today I started a new blog. Wish me luck :)

    • Ramsay, welcome to LBT :)

      Thanks for the appreciation, man! I don’t like reading the blogs with long para’s, I JUST hate it. There’s a hell lots of difference between online and offline writing.

      I’ve written an article on this topic (http://learnblogtips.com/why-online-writing-is-different/) with the title “Why Online Writing Is Different? How to Write Online Content to Attract Your Readers?”. Do check that post, you’ll love it and you’ll also learn how to write online content without much efforts.

      Keep visiting the blog buddy :)

  7. If you want to be more productive, you always have to know what you have to do to reach your purposes. Divide a big purpose into small tasks.

    Make a long term plan, write down what you want from life 1 or 2 years from now.
    Then divide that huge amount of work needed into smaller tasks – monthly, and weekly tasks that you will follow.
    Then divide the weekly tasks into the things you have to do each day in order to reach your dream, and make a routine out of that list of things that you have to do.

    This way, you will know that in order to reach that big achievement in 1 year, all you have to do is follow that daily list. And you’ll keep yourself motivated. It is the only way that really works for me, and it’s awesome!

    If you do just like the guy in the drawing, you’ll still spend a WHOLE DAY WORKING! It’s just not going to be productive work. Facebook is just as time and Energy consuming as, say, writing an article for your blog or reading a book. At the end of the day, you’re still going to feel very tired, but what’s worst is that you’ll feel like you didn’t do anything the whole day.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Those are some great tips you’ve mentioned in the comment. Working in small chunks always work especially for the procrastinators.

      I’ve never thought about long term plans like 2 years from now, I’ll definitely give it a try in 2013 :)

      Yes, I agree with you that working without having regular breaks make you unproductive.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Andrew. BTW I saw your blog, you’ve great contents, I’m sure you’ll bring more readers in very soon.

  8. Really Rahul, all the points mentioned above are great tips to avoid procrastination. I will surely follow your suggestions. In this post I like your all Points, especially 2, 3, 4 points are awesome. They are very informative for me. Thanks for this post. :) good work bro

  9. From last 2 weeks, I’m following your #1 tip on being more productive and that is avoiding using Facebook. It was really hard for me to keep myself away from Facebook, but I tried and It has been 10 days I’m using FB only 15 minutes a day and that is really working out! I must thank you Rahul for writing this many times here on LBT.

    When first time I read that Facebook kills productivity, I didn’t believe and ignored that point, but when I see you’re mentioning this post every time, I thought to try it out!

    Thanks for the tips on overcoming procrastination.

    • Hey Ehsan,

      You’re doing fantastic job on your blog already! Now, I hope to see your BEST work after avoiding Facebook, it’s a good decision buddy! Let me know if you have any more queries regarding this, I’d be happy to help.

      Thanks for stopping by and keep rockin’

  10. Great post. I suffer from a few of those procrastination antics. I scored 44 on your survey so not too bad. As I work from home doing a range of jobs (but all involving a laptop and being online) I cannot just walk away from the laptop although I like your idea of 10 minute jobs. I often get lost in them and come up for air after a few hours. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    • Great post, Rahul. And, I agree with you, Sian. I also scored a 44 on the survey. All of my work is on the computer. I even go to school online, so stepping away from my computer for a who entire day is little to impossible. Although, I did to an alright job of it this weekend as I was out of town for the holidays and only accessed my email and Facebook through my smart phone. This indeed was a great post and I’m glad to have found it on BizSugar. Thanks!


      • Hey Ti,

        I know you’re working online and you’ve been doing fantastic work, you’re drastically boosting your online reputation, have seen your pic (and hearing your name) all over the blogosphere these days.

        That’s a great sign to quickly build your presence online :)

        Thanks for the comment, and all the best for your career, keep in touch!

    • Hi Sian,

      Let me know how the 10 minute rule is working for you!

      I know, most online workers suffer from effective usage online, they often (include ME) ignore how much FREE time they’ve and often spend time on wrong things (like stumbling upon useless sites like Facebook, twitter).

      Thanks for the comment Sian, and I always love to post on Bizsugar.com, it’s ROCKIN’

  11. One of the best ways I try to beat procrastination is to put pen to paper and just write my ideas. Once I have an outline, I just let ‘er rip! I even do stretches because I find I’m just in need to that. Thanks Ti!

    • Hey Dixon,

      I’ve a question, is thinking on paper REALLY can boost our productive time?? Let me know your thoughts as you’re already doing this…

      I’ve never implemented this tip, I’ll surely consider doing it. Thanks!

  12. Hi Rahul,

    I do agree on setting a deadline it really works. May be I can add two more if you don’t mind.

    1. Push yourself to the limit. Sometime it’s necessary to do this. It can make you understand to know how far you can go in a limited time. I am a part-timer by the way so it really help for me.
    2. Play with the length. If we are getting used to write long then write short sometimes. You will understand how enjoyable it is. You can finish your post in relatively short of time (but don’t forget the value on it) :)


    • Okto, you’re always welcome to share your thoughts with LBT readers, I’ll definitely appreciate it!

      Those are two great points , I’ll give them a shot and let you know the results after implementing. I think I’m using pomodoro technique for the 1st tip (sounds relevant).

      Thanks for the gold nuggets Okto, keep visiting and share your opinions :)

  13. This is very useful article for me. I never have any to-do list & I just work on what it comes to my mind. Its a good idea (as suggested by Jane) to write down your work for the next day. I will try to follow the tips given here.

    • Creating todo lists is REALLY important especially when you work online. No matter how busy you’re, spend 10 minutes/day to create them.

      Thanks for stopping by Priya, keep in touch!

  14. Great Tips Rahul, Few times i had tried Point no.2 and 100% it worked which helped to be more productive. Will try other tips. Would like to thank Jane for her tip which helps to plan things early.

    • Why not give a try to remaining points, as well Lokesh??

      You’ll love them when you notice results, but don’t expect quick results, let me know if you’ve any difficulties in implementing them!

  15. Rahul the tips are excellent and i was working on a few of them even before this post came up. Like i didn’t use or check mail for 24 hours and good things happened. Youtube invited me for monetizing a video. Didn’t touche social media and began reading a book

    • Hi George,

      Ohh! you’re implementing the things that you learn, that’s good to hear, dude.

      I’m sure you’ll love if you implement the tips mentioned in the post, especially the “one moment meditation”, I’ve been noticing great results after implementing it.

  16. This particular certainly was obviously a excellent article.I agree with you Rahul,This point is (Put reset buttons) very attractive for me.Bcoz,It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge.I hope to see more informative and useful articles in future.Thanks

    • Hope you’ll implement what you learn Shan.

      Don’t try to all of them at once. Try one after the other. It’ll make it easy for you to get the results. Keep in touch buddy :)

  17. Hi Rahul,

    Luckily I am not a Procrastinator but your article has given me ways to prevent it. Thank you!

    But I am into a bad habit of working continuously without taking short breaks, so shall follow your
    tip to keep my work going fruitfully.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Sneha,

      You’re not a procrastinator??? Strange to hear, may be you don’t work online (or sit 10 hrs like me in front of PC it seems ;))

      Jokes apart, I’d really love if you’ve any more tips that will help you beat procrastination as a blogger.

  18. hi rahul,

    thanks for sharing this valuable tips.. for me this tips not just for blogger…
    it’s more than that… it’s a motivation entry for completing my task…


    tips number 3 are very difficult for me… how can i do that…???

    • Hisham,

      What I wanted to say in point #3 was to try to take some rest, get away from PC and start walking around the room while you taking regular breaks.

      It will help you get a good shape and gives you motivation to work more effectively, hope you got my point!

  19. Hi Rahul…

    amazing piece of content buddy. I always fight with myself over the time management, and working aggressively while racing with deadlines. You have mentioned really good tips here to manage out all the stuff, but I still stay, it is only for those who blog or work online on some slow run projects.

    One can’t implement all the things, but is also convinced by your content to say that if someone do, it will completely change the way he/she work.

  20. You know the best thing I like about your blog Rahul is that you not only give catchy titles to your article but you follow up with very good content. I still remember your article which had sunny leo** involved in the title :)

  21. Procrastination is something that I am fed up with. I do it all the time. I am going follow some of the tips that you have provided. I think sitting in front of the PC and doing nothing is a bad habit that needs to be avoided.

  22. Hi Rahul,
    Great post mate. Before reading the post, I didn’t even knew what procrastination means. LOL.
    But after reading this, I can surely say that the post is specially for me. I never do the task that I think of doing. I put deadlines for myself but I never manage to complete the task within that time.
    Seriously great tips, Especially I have seen this Pomodoro thing many times in your posts so now I should think of using the technique once.
    Thanks again bro :)

  23. Your points were well laid out with some great facts. Many are actually addicted to facebook and will find it really difficult moving away from their pcs.
    I for instance enjoy reading stuff online and I guess I need to control that.

  24. Hey Rahul, great post! If didn’t procrastinate 10 minutes of my time reading your blog I wouldn’t realize that I was wrong with the way I procrastinate at work. I hope I can apply all the tips you’ve discussed here but I’m sure they are helpful so thanks a lot. By the way, I hope you can read this blog too and make a future article about procrastination and productivity. That article I bumped last week is certainly a good way to learn things on how to become productive not only at work but in all the things we do.

  25. I’m pretty sure readers coming across your post will realize whether what they are doing on daily basis is right or wrong for a long run. The most important aspect that every blogger should be curious about is his/her discipline. When you have that discipline there won’t be any chance of procrastination.

    Thanks for the great post Rahul

  26. Hi Rahul, I have no problems manage my time now and thanks a lot to you. According to the Tomighty, I only set a small minute to finish each task, but 25 mins is quite long, so I think from the moment I start the 25 min I’m going to do things that are in my to-do list instead of spending 25 min in 1 task.

    Thanks – Ferb

  27. great article Rahul, i have been blogging for a year but didn’t get any success i think the only thing for that is my procrastination,.., i procrastinate while writing any article., in this article you’ve written so many great things., i really loved these points and your writing style. Thanks for the great article..:)

  28. I have been blogging since last 1 year but hadn’t made any significant success in the field. I think iam lacking in link builup. I like your articles about blogging, link buildup and stuffs. Learned a lot from your blog.
    Can u tell me some quick ways to build backlinks? I’ve subscribed to your comment.

  29. procrastination comes up in various form but the major cause for the same is the mismanagement of time and work. Basically the time, a proper set up of time management does make a good impression in terms of the time tracking. A time tracking tool some what proves to be the best solution in managing and tracking the time and giving the end result with absolute dedication.

  30. wow nice information rahul , i will try to implement all this one by one and hoping that will get good results. anyway i have controlled so much to not use facebook when not important :)

  31. Informative,
    About time management, i would say , i run 3 blogs All from different niche, and i update daily one of them with single post, keep going this way let me hit Different CPC And different dimensions to think, getting knowledge and money.

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