What Would I Do Different If I Had to Start My Blog Over? LBT Is Now 1 Year Old

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24th January, 2012

I started LBT exactly 1 year back.

And what have I achieved through this blog?

Before 1 year, no one knows me, zero income, and I was the most unproductive guy on earth.

I’ve yet to achieve so many things, and I’ll stop bragging about this blog now.

Lets get into the details of what can you learn from my mistakes that I’ve done so far in 1 year of my blogging journey.

I’ll first choose a niche that is extremely focused

Lets face it. You can’t become a master of all trades.

But, you can become a master of ONE trade. You can show damn variations when you focus on ONE single topic.

Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers write about every topic under the sun. They will cover all the topics like affiliate marketing, social media, blogging tips, SEO, technology, writing tips, blah blah. No offense at all here (if you’re also one among them).

All I want to say is this, if you want to create a better blog, you must stand out from the crowd.

You’ll have more chances of getting successful when you write about less topics.

Why write about SEO when you don’t get even 100 visitors from the search engines? How can you teach others to earn $50 a day when you don’t earn even a penny?

Logic is simple here. 95 out of 100 blogs will focus on all the topics, that’s why they fail miserably.

If you stay in the remaining 5 blogs, you will CERTAINLY succeed.

I’ll develop a business model (and why you should also have it too)

This is another important task I didn’t focus on when I launched LBT.

You MUST have a business model for your blog. You should know the monetization models before you even buy your domain name.

How do you want to make money from your blog?

Rely on Google ads, banners and affiliate marketing?

Don’t just think about it.

In this Google penguin and panda world, thinking about the OLD money making methods won’t work anymore.

You should first have a clear route map about monetizing your blogs.

How to have a clear business model then?

The business model for LBT is..

  • Building thriving audience with my writing and unique content
  • Increasing the online influence both by using social media sites and guest blogging
  • Launching my products on solving TARGETED readers problems (this could be anything an eBook, video, podcasts or a membership site), till then earning money by paid writing and domain, website flipping (read my recent interview here, see question no. 5)

Now, tell me how do you want to monetize your blog the RIGHT way?

Have clear goals first. Invest enough time and money (remember I started earning money after 9 months of launching LBT). It will certainly take more time to make money online. It’s NEVER get-rich-quick-scheme.

I won’t focus on

Blog comments (they are good, but they are bad if you get addicted to getting more blog comments)

Page rank (it has nothing to do with your blog’s success)

Alexa rank (waste of time)

Facebook likes (they will slowly increase as your site gets bigger, so don’t need to worry about increasing them)

RSS suscribers (sucking!)

Traffic stats (addiction, in the beginning, you won’t get any traffic unless you’re already an expert)

I’ll focus on

Learning SEO basics (Harsh Agarwal is REALLY good at this topic, I suggest once you to skim through his SEO section)

Creating videos and podcasts

Networking with the influential bloggers

Guest blogging on top blogs

I’ll link to other bloggers more often

I’ll post more consistently

You don’t have to be everywhere, you just have to be awesome in 1 or 2 places

Be everywhere. Pat Flynn said it already.

I strongly believe that you DON’T have to be everywhere socially to succeed online.

You just have to be AWESOME in one or two places.

I repeat it again…

Be active on one or two mediums first. First create a brand for yourself in those two mediums. Then think about the other mediums.

I spend my social time on Facebook and guest blogging. I know they aren’t enough if I’ve to get more online visibility.


If you show genuine interest in helping others, you will soon build a great network around your blogs even if you are not being everywhere.

And I’d like to thank YOU for helping me in the 1 year of my blogging journey.

Special thanks to:

Amit Shaw of iTechCode

Amrik Virdi of Monetizeblogging.com (his blog’s link is dead now)

Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips

Jane Sheeba of ProbloggingSuccess

Ehsan Ullah of GuideAndNews