What to Do When No One Is Downloading Your eBooks Or Products?

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Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

Imagine.. by the end of this post, you’ll be able to get more eBook downloads, because you learned *few* unique things that will make anyone to download or buy your stuff.

We all need more email signup’s… at least, I never met a blogger who wanted less.

Email list is #1 element in earning passive income from your online businesses.

If you build it, they won’t come.

You have to work your butt off to get the most out of your email list.

Without much ado.. we will jump into the details.

Remove the barrier

Just ask their email address, nothing more.

You don’t need their names.

When you don’t find enough people signing up to your email list, asking their names is a waste of time.

Side note: Your conversion rates depend on the number of traffic visits you get each and everyday. If you get 1000 unique visits a day, your conversion rate is good if 5% of them are subscribing to you (i.e. 50 new email signup each day). If you don’t get enough traffic, try to improve the following things to get more signup’s.

Offer multiple signup opportunities

You don’t want to place the email optin forms just anywhere on your blogs. You must be placing them on those spots where you will get more visibility for your offer.

Place your email optin forms in 5 GOLDEN places. Here are the top 5 places where you can get more visibility.

  1. About page
  2. Top of the sidebar
  3. Landing page
  4. Footer
  5. End of each post

The more visibility you give to your email optin forms, the more conversion rates you will get on your email list. But make your email optin forms cute, no one likes mediocre design.

Don’t ask their email

This might seem counter-intuitive to the #1 point. But try this out, it WORKS.

And what if your main goal is to build an email list?

How can you build your email list without asking their emails?

You can always ask to subscribe to your list at the end of the eBook.

But does it work?


The people who enjoyed reading your eBook will be ready to give something to you in return. Ask them to subscribe to your list, if they really find it useful, they will do it. Simple as that.

Try these 1 minute tasks

1. Ask your friends to promote your eBook on Facebook. Facebook is a great asset for anyone who is doing online business, it has the ability to make things go viral in no time!

Note: Don’t take others help without helping them before (at least try to share their best posts with your network)

2. Change the headlines of your eBook (make it remarkable, try to come up with 1o to 15 headline ideas for your eBook)

3. Use twitter to promote your eBook (Just Retweet can help you get most out of it! It’s FREE btw)

4. Write a guest post and use a link to your eBook landing page

5. Use pay with a tweet option. This tip alone can do wonders to get more downloads.

Here’s how to implement step #5.

(i) Go to Pay with a tweet and click on “Create a pay button” Or simply go through this link

(ii) Fill all the required fields and you’re done!

Best alternative: If you find the above step problematic, install this WP plugin. It will do the rest.

Use landing pages

Landing pages are golden.

Because they give less distraction to the readers. If you have ONLY one goal on your landing page i.e. collecting emails from the visitors, you can get incredible conversion rates on your landing pages.

I’ve tried and tested many landing pages on my sites. They always gave me GREAT results.

If you’re wondering how to create landing pages for your sites, here are few ways.

Try OptimizePress. It’s the easiest way of creating the landing pages that convert. It’s worth every penny!

Or use this FREE WP plugin to create and improve your conversion rates of your landing pages.

Write a shareable post about your eBook RIGHT NOW!

There’s a reason for writing a DETAILED post about your eBook. The more promotion you give to your products, the less chances people have to skip.

Most bloggers who create and deliver free eBooks won’t do this. They don’t write any kind of article related to their eBooks or products.

That’s why they fail miserably to get more downloads.

Your job is not done when you create and giveaway your eBooks on your blogs.

Give STRONG reasons for people to download your eBooks.

Here are few tips to write a shareable post about your eBook or product.

  • Give a sneak peek of your eBook (tell them what they are going to learn, you can include few chapters just like Amazon is doing to sell their books)
  • Provide benefits (no one wants to waste their precious time in reading your eBooks, right?)
  • Promote the hell out of it. Ask others to share your post.
  • At the end of the post, give a link to your download page. You can use the link as many times as possible on the same page. But don’t try too hard!

Have you displayed your eBook cover?

Is your eBook cover design professionally designed??

Do you have the convincing headlines on it?

If not, it’s time for you to get this job done first.

There are few ways to creating an appealing eBook cover.

  • You can design it by yourself for free (use my eCover maker, there are also paid versions in it)
  • Or you can hire someone to design it professionally (you can use fiverr services, just for $5 you can get great designs)

Create urgency

What keeps your audience wake up at night?


How creating urgency can boost your eBook/product downloads?

The psychology behind getting more sales or downloads in less time is by creating a sense of urgency. Ask any elicit Internet marketer, he will tell you how important it is to create urgency among your readers/customers to boost sales.

How to create urgency to boost your eBook downloads then?

The #1 reason most online people don’t download or buy your stuff is this: they are LAZY. They procrastinate everything.

So you goal should be making them to take immediate action instead of making them to wait.

Are you getting me?

In one phrase, “give people a strong reason why they should download NOW, not tomorrow or next week.”

Bloggers like EXPENSIVE freebies

Now.. this sounds something coooool, right?

Let me tell you one thing.

Most people love to get expensive stuff.

Even if you are offering something for free, increase its value. You don’t need to brag about your products, but you can always put sounding price factor.

There’s a reason why Neil Patel is getting tons of email subscribers each and everyday. He puts a price factor that you’re going to get from his FREE stuff, that’s why he gets lots of attention.

Who don’t like to get something for FREE that’s worth of $300??

Pro tip: Tweak the wordings of your CTA (Call To Action). Remove that awkward SUBSCRIBE button, instead use the wordings like “Grab your copy NOW!”, “Yes, let me in!” etc. to create curiosity among your readers.

What if nothing works?

There’s also a probability of not getting any downloads even after implementing the above steps (but it would be 0.0002% chance!!)

In that extremely rare case..

You need a new product or eBook which provides massive value.

There’s no reason for someone to download your stuff if it doesn’t offer any value.

Remember, online people are searching to solve their problems everywhere. If you can find and solve their problems.. it’d be a cakewalk for you to boos your sales or downloads.

Side note: I’m sorry for not updating LBT as frequently as it should be. I will be posting more often from now on. FYI, I’vent updated LBT more than 2 months now, I got tons of messages and emails for not updating it. Thanks so much for YOUR love on LBT. I’ll try to keep the same quality in future articles too.

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