Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money [And What Can You Do About It]?

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Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

Recently people started asking me this question – why my blog isn’t making any money and how can I make money blogging?

See.. it’s a common problem.

A recent survey that says, 91% of the bloggers don’t  make even $100 a month, so don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

Why your blog makes no money?

Here are few reasons why your blog isn’t making any money

  • blogs don’t make money, businesses do (read it again)
  • you don’t have a BLUEPRINT to monetize your blogs
  • you never invested even a penny on blogging
  • you don’t know how the money works online
  • your blog is too common or too boring
  • you’re a blogger, not a marketer and
  • your focus is ONLY on making money, not on blogging

Yes, there are many more reasons, but the above are the common things most people forget.

Let’s  discuss on what can you do to make money blogging.

Are you ready?

Great! Let’s dive into the article.

Blogs don’t make money, businesses do

If there’s only one thing that you’ve to learn to make money blogging, it is this: A blog by itself doesn’t make any money.

But once you take all the steps to turn it into a business, then it works as a great service to make decent income online. That’s how I make money blogging and that’s how the remaining bloggers make a living from their blogging efforts.

Treat your blog like a business. Never take it as a fun (if you’re really serious about making money online).

So what?

When you treat your blog as a business, you’ll invest money.

If you don’t invest, you don’t get what you want. Either invest money or time.

If you’re lack of timeinvest money. If you’re lack of moneyinvest time.

The good thing about blogging is, you don’t have to invest huge money. Just a few dollars are sufficient to run a blog that makes money in the long run.

  • Buy your own web hosting ($10 a month)
  • Buy a domain name ($10 a year)
  • Invest in blog design (doesn’t take more than $50 to $100)

and you’re all set!

You don’t have a *blueprint* to make money blogging

What exactly is a blueprint?

It’s simply a master plan. A solid plan to monetize your blog(s).

Create a blueprint for your blogs as soon as possible. It’s a smart move if you’ve it before you even start a new blog.

Let me help you to make this process simple.

Ask yourself these questions to create a blueprint for your blogs.

  • Who is my ideal reader?
  • What type of products suit them and help them succeed?
  • Who is my competition?
  • How can I make my blog a “go to place”? Answer: Create epic content

Figure out them NOW (okay after reading the post).

You don’t know how the money works online

You’re a blogger, not a marketer: Marketers make money, not bloggers. Marketers know how to promote their stuff online. They know the importance of promoting their blogs along with the content creation.

Most bloggers think creating great content can help them to make money blogging. But it’s not! Content is not going to help you if you don’t promote. How come anyone read your awesome stuff when you don’t have enough online reach? Try to spend quality time in promoting your stuff.

It’s not about blogging more, it’s about promoting more

If you build it they won’t come: Most people assume that by writing lots of content they can generate massive traffic to their blogs. And by getting a lot of traffic, they can generate more money from their blogs.

The truth is, it doesn’t work that way!

You need to go out and promote the heck out of your blogs to reach wider audience. The more people you reach online, the more money you can generate.

You are not aware of your KEY reader: Who is your ideal reader? Don’t write every topic under the sun. If you want to make money blogging, define your audience.

  • Narrow down your topics
  • Master the skills and
  • Finally become the “go to person

Your blog is too common or too boring: Make sure your blog is not boring. No one likes to spend time on a blog that is not entertaining or informative.

People browse blogs for two reasons.

  1. To learn or
  2. To get entertained

Give them away or you’ll never make money blogging.

Launch a product or sell your skills

If you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful

If you want to make a living from your online business, think beyond Google AdSense, infolinks and crazy affiliate programs.

Launch a product or sell what you know.

People will buy if they like what you’ve to offer.

The point is find out your targeted audience problems and frustrations. Then come up with the best solutions. Try to spend quality time in researching about your key customers to make a successful product launch.

You can also start making money blogging from your skills.

  • Do you’ve passion in designing? Become a premium blog designer
  • Do you’ve passion towards writing? Become a paid writer
  • Or do you love to help others by teaching? Start blog consulting
  • and the list goes on..

Figure out where you’re good at.

And then take action. You’ll soon reap the best rewards from your blogging efforts.

Final words:

Stop considering your blog as a money making machine. Always know what business you are in before you can have a viable model that can generate money in the long run.

Don’t jump to conclusions – make sure to test what works best for you and your audience. You’ve to know not only what you’re doing, but who the overall competition is as well. Use your blogs to engage with your readers, pull their triggers and you’ll see the results.

And hey, it’s okay if your blog isn’t making any money. It takes some time to figure out what works best for you. Don’t give up too early.

Most people are now successful because they are CONSISTENT. They never gave up on their dreams. If you want to be in the successful bloggers list, be persistent.

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