Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money [And What Can You Do About It]?

Recently people started asking me this question – why my blog isn’t making any money and how can I make money blogging?

See.. it’s a common problem.

A recent survey that says, 91% of the bloggers don’t  make even $100 a month, so don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

Why your blog makes no money?

Here are few reasons why your blog isn’t making any money

  • blogs don’t make money, businesses do (read it again)
  • you don’t have a BLUEPRINT to monetize your blogs
  • you never invested even a penny on blogging
  • you don’t know how the money works online
  • your blog is too common or too boring
  • you’re a blogger, not a marketer and
  • your focus is ONLY on making money, not on blogging

Yes, there are many more reasons, but the above are the common things most people forget.

Let’s  discuss on what can you do to make money blogging.

Are you ready?

Great! Let’s dive into the article.

Blogs don’t make money, businesses do

If there’s only one thing that you’ve to learn to make money blogging, it is this: A blog by itself doesn’t make any money.

But once you take all the steps to turn it into a business, then it works as a great service to make decent income online. That’s how I make money blogging and that’s how the remaining bloggers make a living from their blogging efforts.

Treat your blog like a business. Never take it as a fun (if you’re really serious about making money online).

So what?

When you treat your blog as a business, you’ll invest money.

If you don’t invest, you don’t get what you want. Either invest money or time.

If you’re lack of timeinvest money. If you’re lack of moneyinvest time.

The good thing about blogging is, you don’t have to invest huge money. Just a few dollars are sufficient to run a blog that makes money in the long run.

  • Buy your own web hosting ($10 a month)
  • Buy a domain name ($10 a year)
  • Invest in blog design (doesn’t take more than $50 to $100)

and you’re all set!

You don’t have a *blueprint* to make money blogging

What exactly is a blueprint?

It’s simply a master plan. A solid plan to monetize your blog(s).

Create a blueprint for your blogs as soon as possible. It’s a smart move if you’ve it before you even start a new blog.

Let me help you to make this process simple.

Ask yourself these questions to create a blueprint for your blogs.

  • Who is my ideal reader?
  • What type of products suit them and help them succeed?
  • Who is my competition?
  • How can I make my blog a “go to place”? Answer: Create epic content

Figure out them NOW (okay after reading the post).

You don’t know how the money works online

You’re a blogger, not a marketer: Marketers make money, not bloggers. Marketers know how to promote their stuff online. They know the importance of promoting their blogs along with the content creation.

Most bloggers think creating great content can help them to make money blogging. But it’s not! Content is not going to help you if you don’t promote. How come anyone read your awesome stuff when you don’t have enough online reach? Try to spend quality time in promoting your stuff.

It’s not about blogging more, it’s about promoting more

If you build it they won’t come: Most people assume that by writing lots of content they can generate massive traffic to their blogs. And by getting a lot of traffic, they can generate more money from their blogs.

The truth is, it doesn’t work that way!

You need to go out and promote the heck out of your blogs to reach wider audience. The more people you reach online, the more money you can generate.

You are not aware of your KEY reader: Who is your ideal reader? Don’t write every topic under the sun. If you want to make money blogging, define your audience.

  • Narrow down your topics
  • Master the skills and
  • Finally become the “go to person

Your blog is too common or too boring: Make sure your blog is not boring. No one likes to spend time on a blog that is not entertaining or informative.

People browse blogs for two reasons.

  1. To learn or
  2. To get entertained

Give them away or you’ll never make money blogging.

Launch a product or sell your skills

If you want success as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful

If you want to make a living from your online business, think beyond Google AdSense, infolinks and crazy affiliate programs.

Launch a product or sell what you know.

People will buy if they like what you’ve to offer.

The point is find out your targeted audience problems and frustrations. Then come up with the best solutions. Try to spend quality time in researching about your key customers to make a successful product launch.

You can also start making money blogging from your skills.

  • Do you’ve passion in designing? Become a premium blog designer
  • Do you’ve passion towards writing? Become a paid writer
  • Or do you love to help others by teaching? Start blog consulting
  • and the list goes on..

Figure out where you’re good at.

And then take action. You’ll soon reap the best rewards from your blogging efforts.

Final words:

Stop considering your blog as a money making machine. Always know what business you are in before you can have a viable model that can generate money in the long run.

Don’t jump to conclusions – make sure to test what works best for you and your audience. You’ve to know not only what you’re doing, but who the overall competition is as well. Use your blogs to engage with your readers, pull their triggers and you’ll see the results.

And hey, it’s okay if your blog isn’t making any money. It takes some time to figure out what works best for you. Don’t give up too early.

Most people are now successful because they are CONSISTENT. They never gave up on their dreams. If you want to be in the successful bloggers list, be persistent.

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64 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money [And What Can You Do About It]?”

  1. True! Without planning you cant get full returns from your work, promotion and branding should be in the first place of your plan, when you build your blog as a brand you will get special treatment from your fans and readers like all other brands get from their fans.

    Great Post after a long time!
    Where is the tweet Button?

    • Agreed with Nishant, As preparing a perfect blue print is essential than only we can work accordingly like before constructing a house we prepare bule print of it than only a good building can be formed. really nice article that explian me first plan than implement.
      Thank you for such an informative article and love to see more from you.

  2. Hey Achu,

    Finally, LBT is live almost after 4 months and with a BANG and I got a chance to hit the “PUBLISH” button! :D :)

    After reading this I admit I made so many mistakes in the last few months of not updating my blog regularly and with no BluePrint. :P

    After reading this post right away I’m going to implement all the points you have mentioned here.

    Thanks for the post!


    • Glad you published it ;)

      And too glad to know you’re interested in implementing the tips. The ONLY way to become a successful blogger is to take action.

      Thanks for the comment! Keep in touch.

  3. Hey Rahul,

    Happy to see you here after a long time. I don’t know what’s wrong with you in last days. But I missed “precious” articles of LBT.
    One again a great article by you. Now try to be continue here. :) Happy blogging.

  4. Finally … LBT has published the article. I was waiting for it from last 3-4 month.

    Rahul you are absolutely right, without a proper planning we can’t do any thing.

    The BluePrint concept is new to me and i am sure i am going to implement all these point. :D

    The Point you have Written is really funny when i read it BLOGGER DON”T MAKE MONEY ONLY MARKETER MAKE MONEY this is really true.

    Thanks FOR Posting such a Nice Article.

    • Yea, finally!

      Do let me know about your blog’s blueprint and ask for any help that you need. I’ll always be glad to help you Adi!

      Cheers for your blogging success. Stay tuned.

      • Yes, I have made some Blueprint For my site…
        After reading a your article i think a lot for my site and i came to the conclusion of your answer.

        Who is my ideal reader?
        Answer- No one as I am not updating my site regularly my audience don’t visit.

        Who is my competition?
        Answer- In Blogging Field all BLOGGERS are my competitors and this site also is tough competitor.

        My blog nowhere stands in blogging. Now i have wore my shoes and i am ready with blogging again :D

  5. Hi Rahul,

    Glad to see a post after a looooong time, and a lot seems to have changed at your blog too – any change for the better is always welcome :)

    I agree with you there and I’d say that money isn’t everything, though you still need money to buy everything – so a little does matter. Blog never make money, it’s all that a blogger does, just as you mentioned that will create the money and there are many ways of doing that.

    Speaking of myself, consistency, determination, and building relationships that lead to trust is what really works. Once you have these, I think it’s not tough to make money whenever you want, provided you reach the masses for which you need to follow the basics. Hmm….narrowing down the topic is a good option, though if you can have a wider reach or manage a multi-niche blog then why not. I guess I do that so I can say it works well, though you need to add your categories slow and steady and take care to integrate one with the other.

    I still have to make lots of money from my blog, though that isn’t something I’ve ever tried as my blog was created to help people, so the focus has always been that. However, it’s good if you can do both the things and earn enough to sustain your blog, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing, and hoping to see more posts from you. Have a nice week :)

    • Glad you noticed the change Harleena.

      I always love to keep my blogs as simple as possible. After all, user experience is everything here :)

      You really know what you’re talking about and I agree with you completely that building strong relationships is the KEY to make money blogging.

      Adding extra categories to the blogs as you gain experience is an excellent tip Harleena, I couldn’t agree with you more.

      You’re capable of making a lot of money from your blogging efforts, as experts always have wide range of chances.

      And yea, I’ll definitely post more stuff, there’s soon something coming up here on making money blogging starting from ZERO. Just hang on!

      Thanks for the visit Harleena. Always great to have you here on my blog.

  6. Nice post which is essential for the bloggers (marketers :))

    Yeah, i agree with your views and hope am doing good somewhat in blogging.

    Targeting the audience and writing for them would let the bloggers to reach some good level in blogging. Also social media promotion and guest blogging would improve their online visibility.

    After reaching a certain level of blogging with good subscriber base, I guess it is possible to make money with blogs? What you say?

    As of now, I monetized my blog with Adsense with a general complaint of low earnings. Looking for some good revenue generating ways with my blog.

    Suggest me something or show some good resources :)

    Thanks for sharing the nice post with us Rahul!

    • Hi Nirmala,

      I just checked out your blog. It’s really awesome.

      Here are few cents from my side;

    • giveaway something for free in exchange of email signup’s (people don’t signup if you don’t have a compelling offer; give them TWO reasons, either subscribe or leave!)
    • make your about page more clear and interesting (here’s a post if you want some help)
    • And let me know if you ever need any advice, I’d be glad to help :)

      Keep in touch!

  7. Glad to see LBT back to live.

    I will like to add to the points you have highlighted above, And the addition is nothing!… you have already listed out the factors that doesn’t a blogger make money with his blog.

    Making money with blogs generally doesn’t just stop at just writing contents, it has to be treated like a business, with some investments and also been a marketer is the key to a blogs success.

    Thanks for this great post

    • Glad to have you here Ahmsta.

      It’s so true that you can’t make money blogging if you don’t think like a businessman.

      Blogs are ‘tools’ which help you make money from your efforts, but most people consider them as money making machines. If you’re doing right, you’ll notice the results pretty soon.

      Thanks for the comment! Stay in touch Ahmsta.

  8. awesome article brother. Even i was making many mistakes while maintaining my own blog and after readiing this article i can see them clearly and will remove them.

    Thanks a lot for your help..

    keep providing us these kind of articles…


  9. Blogs don’t make money, businesses do! I have been talking a lot about this lately on my blog because people are trying to make money out of something they only take seriously half the time! Crazy! And they don’t have a plan! Any real,business that makes money has a plan, a goal, and lays out steps to achieve results!

    Great post!

    • You’ve an awesome blog out there, fantastic advice Angie :)

      You and me have common thoughts about making some serious income online. Blog is just a tool, not a money making machine.

      Keep visiting the blog, I’d be glad to have you here.

  10. Hi Rahul,

    Nice write up and thanks for sharing.

    I got to agree, when it comes to make money blogging, you need to have a plan. Most of the time, you need more than just a normal plan. It is not as if like you can just place a banner and it will work out. You need to grow your traffic, audience and write good stuff.

    Then your traffic will grow (not to forget, earnings too) :)


    • Hi Reginald,

      Glad to see you here. Yea, planning is the key to make more money online. Without a plan, it’s a waste of time to invest time and money online.

      Thanks for the comment, keep visiting the blog. And I love your tips on your blog :)

  11. what i think why most people don’t make money online because they make thing serious which is very different from treating things seriously i.e. people are just overtrying to make money online but not really taking the necessary steps to do so. thanks for sharing tips, clearing the brain junk out :)

    • Blogging only for money is NEVER a smart move.

      You got to treat people like your family first, find and solve their problems then ask them to buy your products. They will surely do :)

      Thanks for stopping by Hemu!

  12. So, the Superman is back on after a long time with yet another powerful article. Way to go Rahul. This one you just rolled out will turn anyone into a successful blogger and you’re a perfect example for that.


      • Hi there Rahul,
        Glad to hear that you’ve been reading mine too. Thanks.
        And I have something to talk with you. From where should I get grab of you for a moment?
        Mail me, will yew?
        Thanks. Let’s make it BIG ! :)

  13. I just had no option than to head straight to LBT when I saw this post being shared by Madam Harleena on her Facebook Page.
    It was worth reading every word there!
    Thanks a lot Rahul for this masterpiece!

  14. Hi Rahul,
    Today I was scrolling through my news feed as usual but my happiness knew no bounds when I saw LBT Facebook page’s update regarding your new post.

    I believe that you can handle both negative and positive feedback. So, I’ll be giving you both positive and negative feedback. ;)

    1. The opening wasn’t the best. The post’s opening wasn’t up to the Rahul Kuntala level.

    Here’s what I’ve to say about the rest of your post:-

    1. Awesome
    2. Awesome
    3. Awesome

    I loved the post. I seriously believe that the tips you gave were something new. But one point that I came across is “Treat your blog as a business to earn money”, you’re right. But I’ve seen lot’s of people earning a fortune out of blog’s they don’t give a damn for. Can you please give a justification for that? Do you believe that it is fluke that’ll last for a while?


    • I might just lost the touch Navneet!

      I always spend extra time on writing my introduction lines, next time I’ll try better. And yea, suggestions from you are always welcome :)

      My advice is, just stop thinking about others and try to make yourself as a “go to person” as I said in the article. It will help you in the long run.

  15. hi Rahul
    Nice to meet you every blogger want make money online i am also but your article help me gather some knowledge…..but i am student and i want some money to utilized my daily expenses ……thats why many people want money on blogging….
    Thank you nice day…

  16. Great Post Rahul,
    These are indeed valid reasons why most bloggers out there are not making money. You really killed it with this post and I hope a lot bloggers struggling to make an income reads this post.

  17. Great tips, I think too many think blogging is an easy way to make money and are disappointed when money does flow in after a few weeks. It takes time and hard work!

  18. That’s so true. In order to start making money from a blog, we must give enough time to our, invest time to learn the things such as driving traffic, monetizing it in the right way and gaining the revenue etc. Apart from that, how can one expect to money without spending money? We must invest at least a little money to buy a good web host and a custom domain, to grow our blogs.

  19. Great tips, I agree with you that you have to be willing to spend some money on your own business. Starting with your own hosting and domain is one of the best ways to get started.

    It will not only look better, but you won’t have to worry about it getting shut down.

    I know when I first started, I was writing content. The biggest thing is promoting what you write. You could sit in front of your computer all day long and no one will find you if you don’t take the time to promote your site.

  20. Awesome post. I am new to your blog reader list. Reading first post on this topic really make me your fan. Blogging for money is a common thing for most bloggers. Everyone has a concept that if you start blogging, you can earn money. But its not an easy task. As i had failed many times. Sure to keep your suggestion in mind for next.

  21. Nice post. When i started blogging, my first aim was to make money by putting affiliate links on my blog and didn’t concentrate on posting and engaging people. As a result, i was failed. Your post really inspire me.

  22. Hi Rahul

    I write a bi-lingual blog, meaning, the texts are not straight English. I find that this is the best way to draw my intended audience to read my posts (folks from my country). You are so right. While it was not my intention to make money out of blogging, your post gave me an idea that I can monetize it someday.

    I’m reading you… *wink

    Many thanks!

  23. If we take our blog as a business then we should invest more in the business.
    There is a rule for every business that “Invest More Earn More”.
    Very good article bro.
    Thanks for sharing

  24. It is generally observed that bloggers try to grab every money making opportunity for their blog without thinking if it is most fit to them or not. Instead of setting a priority for money making option they just want to make money be doing whatever they can do. This is a wrong approach of money blogging. You must be clear on how to make money, when to make money and how much money you need to make after how many months or year of your blogging struggle.

  25. Great post Rahul, you’ve covered almost all the ways why most bloggers out there are not making money with their blogs. Hope newbie bloggers will read this post.

  26. Nice post Rahul, came here from Emmanuels website and was pleasantly surprised. I think I break in the lack of promotion category. Working on it but its difficult to be socially active all the while

  27. As i read this article, i find it very informative. it is a nice one because it deals with an interesting ideas and information. I like it so much as from the first time i read it, the information that are used here attracted me a lot. They take my attention from the first look, so thanks so much for sharing with us this great topic in this great website. You are doing a great work here. I must say you’ve done a wonderful job by sharing your article with us. It took more time for me to read it fully, But it’s worth it Really.

    And yes, please give your comment on my blog too, If you really like then please like and share our facebook page :)


  28. Hey Rahul,
    Frankly saying, I learn lots of things through your post but let me ask one more question that I want to invest few bucks on my blog, but i’m not getting the right way or guidance that where to invest it and how ?
    please suggest me. !

  29. This is indeed a wonderful piece on the reasons why blog makes no money. Making money online requires selling…a product or service without which no one can make a dime. Selling one’s skill would quite be a hot cake as you will not make some bucks but also get to improve your skills.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips, Rahul!

  30. Great Article and Unique way of expression.

    Learned many new facts about making money from blogging. Really helpful. I am a beginner in blogging and always checking my adsense account to analyse my pay or traffic.

    As u rightly said, “PLANNING” is the ultimate success formula for monetizing blogs. Investment through time and content well directed to niche target is important. Will read more tips from your blog.

  31. Hi Rahul,

    This post is great, at least wake us up from what we believe that blog alone itself could make money.

    We need to think outside of the box. Blog is just a platform. We need to have a solid strategy to turn it into a mean of making money online.

    You already mentioned a lot of different ways where we can look at. I will share to my network.

    Thank for writing and sharing your own experiences! Now we know what work and what doesn’t work :-)

  32. after launching a blog every blogger will put their posts very interestingly ,and after some days if their blog doesn’t getting more traffic then they will be disappointed to that,and they will quit blogging.after putting blog posts they have to concentrate on how to get traffic to their blog by commenting o other blogs,social bookmarking,do follow links ..etc.every blogger must have dedication on their work then they will be successes in life.thank you for your post.new bloggers will learn more points from your article.

    • It is very difficult these days as blogging is no more just an hobby. Its one of the best way to make money online and after reading many successful bloggers income reports thinks are much more clear. That’s why I think the competition is also very high these days. Although its niche specific. Thanks for this great share.

  33. Well said. I believes that the better content in the blog generates massive income if you are passionate writer. Don’t run for money if you are great writer the money will follow you. Very striking and motivating post all the ways.

  34. Hello Rahul,
    Awesome tutorial for students and every blogger to make money online through their blog. Most of the blogger lose their hope to make money through their blog, because they don’t have proper planning. But your article is very informative. You have described simple, yet effective.
    I would say great job done by you. Thanks to share your ideas & knowledge about making money online by blog.

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