Blogging Tips And Strategies to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

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Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

100’s of blogs are created each and every day. Each and every one starts with a hope to making money blogging. Alas! 99% of those blog’s are dead even before completing their first month.


It is not their blog’s fault, neither the owners. So whose fault is it?

It is their mind set. Their intellectual. Their talent and of course sincerity.

But above all they need a strategy.

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart

The few bunch of people who succeed online are the ones who are planned. Who are armed with their blogging strategy. It seems simple and common. But majority of bloggers, don’t do it.

On the other hand, some smart bloggers plan and execute well. Those are the ones that succeed online.

So how can you make your own blog strategy?

Well, it is easy.  In fact, it is damn easy.

And the best part is…

You can actually do it in the next 7 minutes. But on one condition, I will need your full undivided attention. So you can think properly and answer yourself.

If you skip any of these questions, you will be cheating yourself. Okay but before we start, can I ask you how many of those questions have you already asked?

Haha! Logically, I’ve already asked like a million questions. But hypothetically, I’ve not yet started asking the real questions yet! ;)

Before we start planning our strategy, we need to do a warm up?

Ready? Then answer the question below. Don’t move to the real question until you answer this one. If you’re not sure, then take time to think and answer.

What do you really want from your blog?

Behind every great blog there is an objective. A clear vision.

Before building every great strategy, you need a plan. The clearer your objective the faster you will achieve your blogging goals.

Are you confused or stuck on this question?

No problem, I will show you some important objectives that most successful and smart people target. If you answered this question without my help then you’re very near to success. But if you are taking my help then you need to work a little harder.

You’re not far too. You just need to ignite your fuel.

1-Making Money:

You’re right! Making money is the most common objective of blogs. Everyone wants to earn money.

Try to set a target of how much you want to earn in the next year or two. For instance, I want to make 2,000$ per month from my blog in the coming year. And by the end of the second year, I want to make 20,000$ per month.

This is how you should set your blogging strategy. Start slowly, but steadily.

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2- Popularity:

Who doesn’t want to be popular? But you need to set a target to make your blog a profitable business.

For example, I want to be so popular that every two out of five bloggers identify me in the next two years. I am aiming even higher for the years after that.

I know that you cannot survey people and calculate your popularity but your traffic, number of comments and shares will obviously show you. If not, people trying to interview you or trying to ask you for help is also a sign of popularity.

I’ve given you two examples which are enough to get you going. Gather your thoughts, scroll all the way up to the question, think again! And answer the question now. You have a very clear view of what your objective is, right?

1- Who are your readers?

No! No! Not another confusing question. This are the real ones. The ones that matter.

Before writing content, you need to analyze your audience.

How can you write for someone you don’t know? I mean, you need to know about the type of readers you want. You can’t stuff money making tips to a person who is looking for a tutorial on buying a domain, can you?

Like, people of what age will read your blog? Which Gender? Which type? The Geeks and nerds or the common people? Think, Think and Think. And then proceed to the next question.

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Pro Tip: Always talk to your readers as if they are sitting next to you on a couch. It will help you in writing a better post.

2- What action do you want your readers to take?

Now that you’ve decided what kind of people will read your blog. You need to think about the action you want your readers to take?

Do you want them to buy your products? Do you want them to buy others products using your affiliate link? Do you want them to buy your course? Do you want them to click on your ads? Do you want them to share your posts?

You actually need to think about this. As this will not only decide the way your content should be written but also the income stream you want to get into. Choose wisely!

Pro Tip: Never put all of your eggs in one basket meaning never opt for only one income source.

3- What do you want to talk about?

This is one of the most tough question. Your complete success depends on this answer. Always choose the right topic. If you choose the wrong niche your whole online career will collapse. Always choose a topic you’re experienced in.

Experience is not the only factor that should be considered. You need to have interest on that particular topic. Your answer makes the difference.Your answer will make or break your career online.

Ask your self one question. Can you write on that topic for two years?(at least) – {considering you write one post a week}?

If your answer is yes, then don’t look behind. Go for it! If you don’t think so, then think again and don’t forget choose wisely.

Pro Tip: Never ever choose a topic because a friend of yours has done so. You need to consider your interests and experience to choose your topic.

4- What to measure? And what to not?

Do you know what to measure? Oh! Come on, silly. I am talking about your success. Do you know how to measure your success? Or what to measure?

You need to know some stuff. Both Alexa and PR are important and play a crucial role in attracting advertisers. I also know that readers judge the credibility of a blog by viewing the Alexa and Page Rank.


Neither Alexa nor Page rank prove your success. So you cannot judge your success with Alexa or Page Rank as criteria. You need of think of a metric that will let you know about your true success.  Something that will let you know how far you’ve got.

How about traffic? Nah! Traffic can be driven in a million ways . But you can’t know how successful you are by checking your traffic stats.

How about your blog readership? Yeah! Good idea. Having a decent readership is a sign of success.

Money? Hell Yeah! Earning a few bucks online also proves that you’re successful online and that you’re not a fool spending most of your time on your PC :)

5- How much content do you have? And how much can you produce?

It all comes down to this. All of your decisions can be useless if you can’t answer this question. How much content do you have? How much can you produce?

Do you have enough content to launch your blog? Did you choose the right topic? Can you write two posts for your blog and one guest post every week?

If your answer to these questions is no, then you’ve chosen the wrong niche. Go back and do the brainstorming again! You cannot succeed online without having great content. You need to have sufficient content to launch your blog and run it without any trouble.

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Pro Tip: Never, ever make your blog public until you have enough content to keep your readers busy. I would recommend you to write and publish 5-7 blog posts before making your blog public.

The first impression is the best impression.

If you write only one post, they’ll check it comment on it and go away. But if you have more posts, you can keep them engaged for a long time. And they won’t forget you anytime soon. You can actually convert traffic to loyal readers easily by launching this way.

Another pro tip:- Never guest post on other blogs until and unless you have enough pillar content on your own blog. What is the use of driving traffic to your blog and not having enough material to  keep your readers busy? You need at least 10 killer posts before you start to guest post.

Final words

I know this post is bit long. But now, you know what to do next. Answer the questions, then create your strategy and start rocking it online.

Did this post help you? Do you have a rough view of your strategy? Of your future and success?