How to Make Money With A Brand New Blog: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Instead of asking, ‘How can I make the most amount of money?’ you ask ‘How can I help the most amount of people?’. The money you make online is directly proportional to the people you help. 

Quick note: I recently launched a new blog on how to make money with your email list. Check it out.

Did you recently launch a new blog and wondering how you are going to make money with it?

There’s little to no information on Google about making money from a new blog.

When I searched the phrase “how to make money with a new blog”, I literally came up with just 1 or 2 decent articles. All the other links are either pointing to how to start a WordPress blog or some junk.

That means, most bloggers either don’t know how to make money with a brand new blog or they simply didn’t like the complexity of the topic. Anyway, I decided to write an ultimate guide about the topic so it can be especially helpful for the beginner bloggers.

In this detailed guide, you’re not going to find mediocre points like make money with affiliate marketing, sell banner ads, publish paid reviews etc as new blogs don’t generate money that way! You’ll only discover the PRACTICAL ways to make money with a brand NEW blog.

Are you curious? Let’s jump in.

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How to Start A WordPress Blog That Makes Money [2023 Edition]

Are you looking to start a WordPress blog today?

Do you want to set up a WordPress site really quickly? Do you want to know how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge?

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

There are a couple of things you need to start a WordPress site.

  • A domain name (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon – these are all domain names)
  • Hosting (this is where you store and manage your files, emails etc)
  • A cup of coffee (to keep you sane while creating a WordPress site, it’s easy though)

This “how to start a WordPress blog” step-by-step guide covers the following:

  • How to start a WordPress blog in 5 simple steps
  • 5 important things to do immediately after launching a WordPress blog
  • How to write your first blog post and bring 1000 visitors to read it
  • How to make money from your blog from day 1 (3 really good tips)

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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Blogging Tips And Strategies to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

100’s of blogs are created each and every day. Each and every one starts with a hope to making money blogging. Alas! 99% of those blog’s are dead even before completing their first month.


It is not their blog’s fault, neither the owners. So whose fault is it?

It is their mind set. Their intellectual. Their talent and of course sincerity.

But above all they need a strategy.

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Blog Post Length: When Should You Write A Long Post [And A Short One]?

A blog post is like a skirt, it should be short enough to keep attention but long enough to cover the subject.

blog post lengthHere’s the SECRET of blog post length.

  • A short post isn’t a crime
  • A long post isn’t a crime

Come on.. say with me again

A short post isn’t a crime.. A long post isn’t a crime


Everyone will love to read long posts. Everyone will also love to read short posts!

By no means, I’m saying you to write a short post like this.. “Use Facebook groups to drive more traffic to your blog!”

Similarly a long post like this won’t work every time.

Then what to do?

Do you know what matters the most in blog post length?

Check out this Cloudways free trial if you’re looking for a free web hosting without a credit card.

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50 Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers Who Run Out Of Ideas So Often

I haven’t faced blogger’s or writers burn out yet.

My problem is this: I get lots of blog post ideas and it will always be difficult for me to choose the best one from them ;)

Still I’ve more than 140+ drafts in my WP dashboard.. that means there’s no way I can run out of ideas.

blog post ideas for bloggers

Okay leave my topic..

I know you’re running out of blog post ideas.. that’s why you’re here.

Want help??

Here are the 50 blog post ideas for you.

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