50 Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers Who Run Out Of Ideas So Often

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Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

I haven’t faced blogger’s or writers burn out yet.

My problem is this: I get lots of blog post ideas and it will always be difficult for me to choose the best one from them ;)

Still I’ve more than 140+ drafts in my WP dashboard.. that means there’s no way I can run out of ideas.

blog post ideas for bloggers

Okay leave my topic..

I know you’re running out of blog post ideas.. that’s why you’re here.

Want help??

Here are the 50 blog post ideas for you.

Bookmark this post or remember the url and come back whenever you want killer blog post ideas.

Awesome blog post ideas for bloggers and writers


  1. Write a post on pros and cons of an issue
  2. Conduct an interview with influential people in your niche
  3. Take a look at your popular posts. Write exactly an opposite post to that.
  4. Create a 111 list post (I’m sick of hearing 101 list posts ;))
  5. Review your own blog and write a roundup post with 10 to 15 best posts
  6. Pick any topic. Write a series post
  7. Write about how you started
  8. Scout your categories. If anything carries less posts, write a post
  9. Write a post on your worst experience
  10. Write a Howto post
  11. Look back into past, read your own articles. You’ll certainly get at least one idea
  12. Ask your readers or commenters about the next post
  13. Create a post on pitfalls in your niche
  14. Have you ever created a checklist? Go and make it now
  15. Create a list post
  16. Review any product which you’re satisfied with
  17. Create a Q & A post
  18. Make a round up post and cover the best posts from your niche
  19. Create a post on why should someone read your blog
  20. Create a post on why shouldn’t someone read your blog
  21. Write a post on what have you learned from someone else [may be your role model? blogging guru?]
  22. Write a post summarizing someone else’s great work [and include a link – this way you can also create a healthy relationship with others]
  23. Write a SECRET post [which are commonly less known facts of your niche]
  24. Write a funny post
  25. Debunk the myths in your niche
  26. Create a A to Z guide post
  27. Write a recommendation post
  28. Create a poll using polldaddy.com
  29. Write a controversial post
  30. Answer your readers question
  31. Write a problem solving post
  32. Write an inspirational post
  33. Create a podcast
  34. Create a video
  35. Try infographic  for the next blog post
  36. Compile the best online tools which may be helpful for the readers
  37. Compile a list of your favorite blogs
  38. Compile a list of your favorite bloggers
  39. Create a post on what changes you wish to see on popular blogs [design, content, footer change or something else?]
  40. Write a post on HOW to succeed in your niche
  41. Write a post on what NOT to do
  42. Write your love story and relate it with your blog topic ;) [wondering? I did it already, here’s the post]
  43. Show case the best comments you received till now
  44. Create a FAQ post
  45. Write a post on your income reports [if you’re not interested, at least try once]
  46. Write about how your blog traffic is increasing or decreasing and why
  47. Write a post on SEO tips you use
  48. Write a case study
  49. Write the shortest post ever for a BIG problem [I’m going to do this very soon]
  50. Do you accept guest posts? Write a contrast post to their views!

Blog post ideas for bloggers: conclusion

I hope you find them useful. Getting blog post ideas is not a rocket science, but storing them is.

From now on make it a habit of storing this kinda stuff at one place.. use Evernote, notepad or even a pen & paper.

Over to you

I’ll be glad to include the blog post ideas if you cover anything extra from the above. At least one?

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