111 Productivity Tips for Extremely Busy Bloggers

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We only have 168 hours a week

If you’re sleeping 8 hours a day means, you only left with roughly 110 hours

Within 110 hours, how many hours can you be really productive?

I read a bunch of productivity tips online, but never find a big list for better time management. So, I thought it would be useful if I collate a massive list of information at one place to better management our time.

Productivity Tips for Busy People

Do more with less

Read motivational stories/watch inspirational videos

  1. Prepare an editorial calendar and schedule your tasks
  2. Create a to-do list
  3. Create a not-to-do list
  4. When you wake up, set at least 3 MIT’s (Most Important Things for the day)
  5. Sleep less (6 hours is enough for a healthy state of mind)
  6. Prioritize your work
  7. Write in advance
  8. Visualize the day
  9. Keep an idea folder
  10. Mind map your blog post ideas
  11. Work during your prime time (is it morning, evening or midnight?)
  12. Establish a routine
  13. Change the priorities if needed
  14. Use free time wisely to reduce stress
  15. Complete what you start. When you begin a task, do not go to another one, until it is complete
  16. Test everything
  17. Be persistent
  18. Don’t try to be a perfectionist
  19. Maintain a clutter-free working environment
  20. Delegate properly
  21. Do in small chunks
  22. Spend time on reading time management tips

Recharge your life

  1. Listen to music
  2. Have some fun
  3. Go out and walk at least once a day
  4. Drink a lot of water
  5. Eat healthy stuff
  6. Learn something new
  7. Write something different
  8. Read interviews of great bloggers
  9. Go for a vacation
  10. Spend time to exercise
  11. Learn to outsource
  12. Read motivational stories/watch inspirational videos
  13. Narrow down options
  14. Think in energy, not in time
  15. Rest is more important than you think
  16. Let go of expectations
  17. Get some perspective
  18. Spend time with your offline friends

Just focus

101 Productivity Tips for Extremely Busy People

  1. Do one task at a time -Never do multi-tasking
  2. Turn off the monitor while writing (to write without formatting)
  3. Think on paper
  4. Use one tab at a time technique (Open only one page (tab) while working online)
  5. Avoid arguments with others
  6. Follow 21 day challenge
  7. Learn to say NO
  8. Don’t rush things
  9. Work in time blocks (1 to 2 hours minimum)
  10. Don’t judge the things which you can’t handle
  11. Be clear about your own ideas

Stay motivated

  1. Dream big
  2. Create the best and prepare for the worst
  3. Make everyday count
  4. Read as you think
  5. Write as you talk
  6. Be patient
  7. Stay positive
  8. Avoid being a Facebook addict
  9. Have a vision for your life
  10. Don’t give up
  11. Be the best blogger that you know (for me, it’s Leo Babauta)
  12. To double your income, triple your rate of learning
  13. Use the 80/20 Pareto principle

Use technology

101 Productivity Tips for Extremely Busy People

  1. Use focus booster (called  pomodoro technique)
  2. Use evernote to organize your thoughts
  3. Use zenwriter for distraction free writing
  4. Use timetracker to track how much time you’re spending on every site
  5. Use Instapaper to bookmark the important web pages
  6. Use Dreaminder to track your goals
  7. Set up Google alerts
  8. Cancel useless subscriptions using unroll.me

Enhance efficiency

  1. Tell your family/friends to not disturb you while working
  2. Eliminate all the noises around you
  3. Practice yoga or meditation
  4. Play while you play, read while you read, eat while you eat
  5. Work in a separate room (no one should disturb you)
  6. Don’t read too much on Internet (you end up learning nothing!)
  7. Don’t kill yourself with too much work, spend time with yourself too
  8. Wear headphones
  9. Change your expectations (vision more)

Destroy the distractions

  1. Distractions destroy productivity. So, destroy the distractions by sharpening your focus
  2. Don’t check your email first thing in the morning
  3. Unplug the Internet connection while writing (if you’re a web addict)
  4. Turn off all the notifications (IM, email, Facebook, Skype etc)
  5. Put your mobile in silent mode (better turn off while working online)
  6. Use a standing table to write efficiently
  7. Take short breaks

Zen like living to improve productivity

zen rules to increase productivity

  1. Do it slowly and deliberately
  2. Do it completely
  3. Do less
  4. Think about what is necessary
  5. Develop rituals
  6. Eat out less
  7. Use a minimalist wardrobe
  8. Use the library
  9. Batch your errands
  10. Plan ahead
  11. Be fanatic
  12. To get what you want, stop doing what isn’t working
  13. Failing to plan is planning to fail (so make a plan asap)

Avoid procrastination

  1. Decide a task. Execute it!
  2. Stop thinking. Start doing
  3. Just take the first step
  4. Do hard tasks first
  5. Use a planner
  6. Create deadlines
  7. Tell someone else about your goals
  8. Reduce spending time on social media
  9. You don’t FIND time for things, you MAKE it

111. You know what to do – Now make it happen