Blog Post Length: When Should You Write A Long Post [And A Short One]?

A blog post is like a skirt, it should be short enough to keep attention but long enough to cover the subject.

blog post lengthHere’s the SECRET of blog post length.

  • A short post isn’t a crime
  • A long post isn’t a crime

Come on.. say with me again

A short post isn’t a crime.. A long post isn’t a crime


Everyone will love to read long posts. Everyone will also love to read short posts!

By no means, I’m saying you to write a short post like this.. “Use Facebook groups to drive more traffic to your blog!”

Similarly a long post like this won’t work every time.

Then what to do?

Do you know what matters the most in blog post length?

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  1. Writing something that’s interesting
  2. Taking out everything that’s not interesting

That’s it!

– Jon Morrow, Copyblogger ass. editor

What’s the perfect blog post length?

Lets discuss some facts about ideal blog post length for your blog.

When should you write a long post?

  • When you’ve A LOT to say
  • When your audience need more explanation
  • When some one needs detailed information, facts and case studies to understand the concept of your blog post

Pros and cons of long posts


  • Longs posts are detailed.. you can REALLY attract more people to your blog
  • Getting search engine traffic, keyword optimization will be more easy (you can rank higher using 2 to 3 keywords)
  • You’ll attract more links, shares, tweets and comments (if and only if your content is good)
  • You can easily stand out from the crowd when you’re constantly producing quality (yet) lengthy posts


  • Takes more time to write
  • Long posts need research, explanations and a lot of writing practice!
  • You might get lost in the desert (you should be VERY careful when writing long posts, your FOCUS of the content shouldn’t be unrelated)

Blog post length: When should you write a short post?

  • When your primary goal is to keep engaging with the readers
  • When your audience have short spans
  • When your readers prefer reading shorter posts than long posts

Pros and cons of short posts


  • Short posts consume less time, efforts and blood
  • Short posts are easy to write
  • Most online people (I really believe this) will love to read short posts than long posts!


  • You can’t cover everything
  • Subscribing to your blog using these type of posts will be bit hard (it’ll become even harder when you’ve nothing to offer like freebies, guides etc for the email subscribers)

P.S: Here’s my interpretation about blog post length..

When a writer (or blogger) writes a lengthy post with lots of grammatical mistakes, errors or who don’t even care about crafting it out by breaking it down into perfect paragraphs, bullets and sub heads.. I don’t care reading them. Why? When the writer isn’t interested himself in making it more appealing, why should I care?

BTW I prefer reading short posts, because they’re easily scannable (but they should be embedded with freshness and quality)

Take away: One Secret to Finding A Perfect Blog Post Length

The one simple tip to finding ideal blog post length for your blog is this..


Test what works for you the best.

  • Few people are very successful with the lengthy posts.. examples: Jon Morrow, Glen Allsoop, Gregory Ciotti
  • Few people who’re successful with the short posts are: Derek Halpern of SocialTriggers, Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips, Rahul Kuntala of LBT

So if you want to be successful in blogging, find out the perfect blog post length for your audience. Testing is the key to online success!

So what are your thoughts about blog post length? Do you prefer short posts or long?

40 thoughts on “Blog Post Length: When Should You Write A Long Post [And A Short One]?”

  1. Hi Rahul,

    I think the lengthy posts gives more traffic & more social media shares for our blog. Really, most of the popular posts in my blog are lengthy and too those posts are the ones, where I shared my personal experience.

    The Posts where we describe or share our experience gives us more traffic, because people love to read other’s life.

    Thanks for the post Rahul!

    • Hi Hari,

      Lengthy posts can attract more people attention, but what they consume more time and efforts as I said in the post.

      Moreover the interesting point to take a note is: most people don’t have much patience (especially when they’re newbies), they expect quick results.. so it’s always better to start with short and quality articles.

      Keep visiting bro :)

  2. you are right @Mr. Rahul Log Post and short post is very important. But My According short post easy to our reader. I like to read only short and smooth post. but your blog post average. great job bro keep it up. i love you blog post and blog. :)

  3. Rahul for writing short topics we need to converting our sentences with your interesting sentences writing style. Great job brother but i need some help to changing my writing style, please give me some tips.

  4. Agree testing helps us to decide long or short.
    Long posts attract more visitors than short ones.
    But if you have worthy information on short posts like this one then short posts can bring more.


  5. :)) I like your creativity. Comparing blog posts length with dresses worn by a gorgeous woman is a cool idea. I’m huge hurry, but I couldn’t help not to comment and let you know how much I admire the way you publish your articles.

  6. Indeed an excellent and detailed post! Well yes, simply one should write something that is interesting and should leave out which is not interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I prefer Long posts, because all that matter is that you need to explain the topic as short as you can

    your reader’s time is also valuable, why waste it?

  8. long posts having healthy content are better…….because they give full knowledge to the reader where as short posts give little bit knowledge to reader….and….half knowledge always act like poison……….i recently started writing large posts.

  9. Post between 600 to 1000 words are best for blogs, if you write long posts even they are well written, but nobody has time to read 3000-4000 words posts, I prefer reading short informative posts..

  10. Hie.. Rahul!
    For the first time i landed in your Site…I must say you explain everything very well..and as I’m new and really need some guidance on these topic..I think your Site will surely help move further! :P
    well coming back to this topic..see in this fast life where people have no time for each other why they spend their time to read long posts…. I agree if people need some more explanation they will surely wanna see some more points but i think short posts are alright for explain something and as a reader i like to read posts generally of 500-800 words! This length is Sufficient to explain on a particular topic! :) and as you already said.. if someone wanna successful like you then they should write short posts.. :) :)
    Great post and Informative one also :)

    • Hi Sugandha,

      For the first time I’m responding to you.. I must say that you’re excited very much (I can say by seeing the no. of smileys in your comment ;))

      I’m sure this site will help you to become more creative writer and a better blogger. Yes the word length you said is the perfect way to attract someone to read your content.

      Thanks for stopping by, keep visiting..

      • Lolzz!! well I’m a teenage girl and like to smile always n always try to keep smile on others face also . So, this is the only reason for that so many Smileys in my Comment!
        Because i wanna to make is genuine as the way I’m and as the way i think about your post! :P
        Well, Thanks For replying me.. Rahul! :) :) :) :) :)

  11. Hi Rahul,
    When I started blogging, I used to write very short posts and that was doing the magic. But when I was hit by Panda and Penguin, I removed all short posts. Now, I am delivering long posts as much as I can. Though, I am only able to write about 700 words and I think it is sufficient to explain any topic..!!
    Personally, I feel that one should write seeing the title and try to cover everything in the respective blog post!!
    Thanks :)

    • Hello Dhruv,

      Short posts are not at all bad bro.. (unless they’re copied or anything below 300 words). I think the quality matters the most when you want to engage with the readers or search engines. Freshness is a must!

      Obviously long posts tend to go viral in the long run :)

    • Dhruv, I’m sure you didn’t hit by Panda and Penguin because of short posts. Daniel of Daily Blog Tips always uses short posts (200 to 300 words posts) and he is a pro when it comes to SEO.

  12. I don’t worry about to long one or short one. Just write the post about specific topic, and ending the article with its completion. Just think about your readers, they get for what purpose they are coming.

  13. “When some one needs detailed information, facts and case studies to understand the concept of your blog post.”

    This was an intelligently made point. I perceived it in two ways. One, when someone really needs explanation you can do it in the comments section, two when you write a post addressing a particular person’s issues, it definitely proves that your readers matter a lot to you and you are willing to take their issue to the public for more support.

    Excellent post Rahul


  14. Thank you for sharing superb informations. Your web site is so cool. I am impressed by the details that you’ve on this site. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for more articles.

  15. What makes writing for the web so interesting is the challenge of writing concise keyword rich content which informs but doesn’t bore your readers :)

  16. Sometimes reading blogs is time consuming, when I stated blogging I didn’t even know when to begin, so my posts tended towards the higher side of the word count. But sometimes I run into a really long post that I just cant help reading in it’s entirety. And some short blog posts leave me wanting more.

  17. Thanks for wonderful share Rahul
    I personally experimented this case in my own blog
    2 months back i wrote a huge article about 40 ways to increase website traffic and 5 ways to make money online from home. I know competition for such kinda topics are high, but i went and wrote that article in 2 days.
    Result: Got awesome response from readers and social media sites. And more over i got 3 personal mails appreciating me regarding that article

    What happened now?
    One of those articles ranked now and generating good traffic and money via adsense

    Write all types of articles, not for bots but for readers

  18. Rahul this was a very useful post for me….Actually I also get confuse that whether I should write short post or a very long post. Whenever a new mobile is released and I have to write the review on that new mobile I keep thinking that whether I should write all the features or only the important ones. Some people like to see all the features while some want a short Mobile review as they don’t have lot of time to read. I think one should vary the length of the posts regularly and try to write short posts as well as long posts..what you say?

  19. Hi Rahul,

    Well in terms of SEO a long post is recommended as it has priority than short post. However somethings reader seems to be boring to read long posts.

  20. HI Rahul Kuntala,

    Well i believe the first thing we must concentrate on post quality of the post and optimization. As far as the quality is kept the results will be increasing.

    But to some extent their will be some tutorials which should be written detailed so the long posts is better for it.

    Thanks for the awesome share

  21. Rahul,

    Very nice article and good to have you with me on BloggingSlogan … :)

    Well it depends on what Niche are you writing? If it’s Tech then go with 500-800 and cover the In and Out of that Gadget, Job is done.


    If it’s BLOGGING or SEO then go with 1,000-1,500 words and definitely you’ll see some honest comments from your readers about your work.

    “Afterall it’s the SUBJECT that need to reach your Readers heart and not the WORD count” :)

  22. hey rahul
    its the quality of post you write not the length
    BTW it is good enough to write around 400 words post .
    thanks for sharing this :-)

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