Who Else Wants to Build A Profitable Blog that Makes Money Even When You Sleep?

Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

I know you’re busy, so I’ll be quick and to the point.

I help your website succeed – whether you already have a blog or want to start it from scratch, I can help you.

You’ll also get me and my work, not a less qualified person, or one of my freelance friends. I will NEVER outsource your stuff!

Here’s the description of the different ways I can help you.

1. Paid writing / ghost writing
2. Blog consultation service
3. LBT’s 3 months program

1. Paid writing / ghost writing

Call it shameless self-promotion, if you like. But I honestly believe I create content worth sharing and you’ll agree when you see it. If you are looking to drive targeted traffic to monetize you blogs – let me do it for you!

Here are my credentials

I’m the regular contributor of Blogging Tips  (writing staff) and We Blog Better and by writing for the top blogs like ComLuv, SML, BasicBlogTips etc I’ve gained invaluable writing expertise.

Type of articles I write

Internet marketing, Blogging, SEO, Writing tips, Content marketing, Web design, Landing page conversions and/or similar niches.

I work very hard and I give 101% to what ever I do. I can write these topics REALLY better because I’ve been researching and learning these topics for the years, so you can expect better work from me in these topics.

Few samples of my work

And please go through my recent posts on this blog to analyze my work and expertise.

What will be the length of the articles?

I don’t believe in the word count. What I personally feel about content marketing is this: short posts have no future.

So I generally write in-depth articles (around 1400 to 1600 words per article).

What can you do with my articles?

Well.. you can do anything (yea anything!)

You’ve all the rights to

  • sell
  • modify
  • publish them as your own posts
  • submit them to top blogs as guest posts

How long will it take?

For small to mid-size assignments, it can take 1 – 2 weeks. For longer assignments.. well it depends on the scope. But I can guarantee to deliver your content by its agreed deadline.

2. Blog consultation service

I’m good at solving your blogging problems like

  • No one is reading my blog
  • No one is commenting, linking or sharing my blog posts
  • No one is buying my products

What I’ll do?

I’ll give you

  • Complete review of your website to find the loops (to increase your conversions and income)
  • Content ideas for your sites, brainstorming keywords, etc.
  • Less known ways to bring more traffic to your sites
  • Killer tips to increase conversion rates on your blogs
  • Foolproof ways to brainstorming and implementing monetization ideas
  • And a lot more to make money out of your blogs..

3. LBT’s 3 months program

This is the best option of all to take your blog to the next level.

Few features of the program:

  • 1 post/week written by me
  • 5 guest posts on top blogs
  • Taking your blog to the NEXT level by boosting it’s online visibility
  • Getting top bloggers to read and comment on your blog posts
  • Boost in your blog’s Alexa rank (I’m REALLY good at it)
  • I’ll promote the stuff to my Facebook, twitter and Google+ (your posts could reach to approx. 3000+ TARGETED people with one click)
  • I’ll also let you design your blog that actually CONVERTS!
  • And? Many more..

In simple words, I’ll adopt your blog for 3 months to bring the RESULTS from it.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s together build a better blog that makes more money!

Email me to know the quote…

Use the subject line “PAID POSTS” (with all caps) to order paid posts

Use the subject line “BLOG CONSULTATION” (with all caps) to let me personally assist you to build a profitable blog from the scratch.

Use the subject line “LBT PROGRAM” (with all caps) to let me total take care of everything else for you, including blog writing, formatting, and publishing your blog posts.


If you know the value of “blogging for money”, then fill out my form. May be we can work together.

I ONLY have room for 5 clients each month to ensure than I can do my BEST work for each and every client.

So contact me TODAY and we can start the conversation.[/alert]

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