How I Work 8 Hours/Day Online Without Getting Distracted [And How Can You Do the Same?]

6.5 to 7.5 hour sleep

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” ― Jimmy Johnson I strongly believe in working hard to succeed. I know.. working 8 hrs/day isn’t a joke. It’s impossible for most people - especially for those who work … [Continue reading]

Blog Post Length: When Should You Write A Long Post [And A Short One]?

blog post length

A blog post is like a skirt, it should be short enough to keep attention but long enough to cover the subject. Here's the SECRET of blog post length. A short post isn't a crime A long post isn't a crime Come on.. say with me again A … [Continue reading]

22 Life Lessons I Learned by Age 22

Today is my birthday. Okay today I'm not gonna talk about blogging! But you'll learn something NEW from the post. Also you'll find one person whom I love most ;) … [Continue reading]

50 Blog Post Ideas for Bloggers Who Run Out Of Ideas So Often

blog post ideas for bloggers

I haven't faced blogger's or writers burn out yet. My problem is this: I get lots of blog post ideas and it will always be difficult for me to choose the best one from them ;) Still I've more than 140+ drafts in my WP dashboard.. that means … [Continue reading]

Interview: Top 3 Young Indian Bloggers Sharing Their Blogging Secrets

harsh agarwal interview

Before reading the post, download the free guide (worth $97) on how can you make $1,000 as a blogger starting from $0 - all in your spare time! Every successful blogger has SOMETHING in common. When it comes to blogging, the success rate will be … [Continue reading]