How to Get 1,000+ Visitors Per Day Even If You’re New to Blogging

get 1000 visitors per day

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Who else wants to get 1000+ visitors per day?

Hands down, every beginner blogger wants it.

Do you know the ONE reason why most people quit blogging?

Lack of traffic.

I know how it hurts when no one reads your blog.

If I had to start over again, I would do the same things that you’re going to explore now.

Why 1,000 visitors per day?

It’s a magic number. If you’re getting 1,000+ visits each and every day means you’re on your way to make some serious business online. Traffic is money baby!


You can attract more leads, likes, shares and affiliate income once you hit that magic number.

Let me tell you the truth (read hard truth), 95% of the blogs don’t reach that number. They eventually die with lack of traffic.

But here’s the good news.

If you’re looking for ways to getting 1000+ visitors a day and ready to put some serious efforts, I’ll share few proven ways to get long lasting traffic. If you’re searching for “fastest ways to get 1,000 visitors per day” – this post is NOT for you.

Grab a cup of coffee, this post is going to be a bit long..

Proven ways to get 1000+ visitors per day


get 1000 visits a day

Write long, thorough blog posts

Small blog posts have no future.

Read it again.

Give your readers something to tweet about.

Neil Patel says the average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2,000 words.

Based on the graph above, you can see that the first result typically has 2,416 words and the 10th result has 2,032 words.

The research says it all – lengthy content is the king. Not just any content.

[Tweet “Ask yourself a question before writing any post – would anyone email this article to a friend? – Leo Widrich”]

Most blogs fail to get traffic because of ONE simple reason. They don’t create pillar articles. Pillar articles are the cornerstones of any successful blog.

A pillar article is something that is;

  • well researched
  • 2,000+ words (yes, seriously – you and me are not a Seth Godin!)
  • relevantly linked to other blogs
  • full of actionable tips

In short, a pillar article is something where your readers take immediate action after reading be it sharing, commenting, linking or subscribing to your blog.

Online people simply don’t have time to read blogs. They want STRONG reasons to read any blog. What else could be the better reason than creating something that is worth implementing? Now you might ask, I’m already creating good enough content.

Listen – good enough content is not good enough.

It must be epic. It must solve your readers’ problems, create curiosity and ignite them to take action.

Focus on your readers’ frustrations first. Find out what they are struggling with. Then provide solutions to their problems through your blog posts. This is how to build a popular blog.

One more thing.. without targeting a specific audience, getting 1,000 visitors a day is useless. You’ll never see any increase in subscribers, traffic, or sales whatsoever. Focus on one specific reader.

Before you even think about getting 1,000 visitors and more, stop and ask yourself: Who am I writing to?

Now, let’s move on to the next section.

Focus on reader interaction instead of visits

[Tweet “One loyal reader is worth 1,000 normal visitors.”]

When you’re starting from scratch to get 1,000 visitors a day – try NOT to focus on “blog traffic”, focus on reader interaction.

Reader interaction includes;

  • leaving comments on your blog posts
  • sharing your posts
  • subscribing to your  email lists
  • linking to your sites
  • taking your interviews
  • buying your products etc

So how to increase reader interaction on your blogs?

Start treating your blog visitors like your family. 

Enough said!

The 80/20 rule of blog promotion


According to Pareto principle, 80% of consequences stem from 20% of causes.

Apply the same rule to get 1,000 visitors a day to your blogs. Go and figure out where your targeted audiences are gathering online.

Is it Facebook, twitter, blog forums or other top blogs?

Open your Google analytics data.

Go to Traffic sources >> Sources >> All traffic

Analyze your top 5 traffic sources.

All Traffic Google Analytics
Click to enlarge

The top 3 to 5 traffic sources to your sites are your golden spots. Focus more on your top traffic sources to boost your website traffic instead of focusing on “new” traffic sources. Sure.. you can experiment various traffic sources, but only if you’re getting quality and consistent traffic.

Answer these two questions to apply Pareto’s rule to get 1000+ visitors per day.

  • What are your top 5 traffic sources?
  • Are you spending quality time on the top 5 sources to boost your traffic?

Are you getting me?

Okay now let’s jump into the next tip.

Focus on one traffic source at a time

If everything is important, then nothing is.

If there’s only one secret to get more website traffic it is this: focus on one traffic source at a time. Most bloggers, especially the noobs spend their time on getting traffic from all the traffic sources like Google, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Here’s the truth – you won’t get any traffic if you focus on every single traffic source. At least this strategy won’t work if you are concerned about long term results.

Give it a try once, focus on one traffic source at once.

Set up the basic framework – make your blog SEO friendly

[Tweet “The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?”]

Is your website you properly optimized for the search engines?

Tip: Use this tool to figure out whether your site is optimized or  not. If not, here’s what you need to do to make your blog SEO friendly.

seo friendly posts

The 3 elements play a vital role in making your blog SEO friendly (to attract more links, shares, comments and traffic).

  1. Design: Make it easy to navigate your content. People love to stick to your blogs if you make it extremely easy to read. Clean up your sidebar (it can make or break your conversion rates). See my blog’s sidebar. A clean sidebar provides more white space thus helps your visitors focus on your content, which is the most important aspect of your blog success. And don’t forget to nail your website loading speed.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are the foundation for your SEO efforts. Figure out your top 5 keywords and use them sparely on every post you write. Use LSI keywords (synonyms) that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy and quality. Find LSI keywords using “Searches Related to..” at the bottom of Google search results or by entering your keywords into the Google keyword planner.
  3. Backlinks: Backlinks are the backbones of any successful website. The more quality backlinks you’ve the more organic traffic you can generate. Simple as that. Here’s the sneaky tip to get more backlinks.
blog seo friendly
Blog posts that get shared more attract more backlinks. So make it easy to share your posts by using the plugins like Sharebar, Flares, DiggDigg etc.

Build strong connections with other bloggers


Blogging is not a solo thing.

If you don’t hookup with others, you can’t drive more traffic. Simple as that.

Before building relationships with the influencers in your niche, do two simple things.

  1. Create a list of A list bloggers (aka authority bloggers like Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Neil Patel, Yaro Starak etc.
  2. Create a list of B list bloggers in your niche (aka “influential bloggers” who will soon occupy the “authority space”)

After creating the above two lists, follow this step-by-step guide to getting your 1000 visits a day.

Step 1: Leave thoughtful comments

Blog commenting is the surest way to build relationships. It also sends you quick traffic from other sites if you leave thoughtful comments instead of just saying great post.

Step 2: Frequently link to their blog posts

I’ve a simple logic to get more comments, links or shares on ANY blog.

  • Want more blog comments? Start commenting on other blogs
  • Want more shares on your posts? Start sharing others posts first
  • Want more links to your sites? Link to other bloggers articles and do it often
  • Want more email subscribers? Read this post ;)


Step 3: Suggest them blog post ideas (Use emails or twitter)

When I first started blogging, I used the same strategy. Whenever I want to grab someone’s attention, I go through their blog posts thoroughly (including each and every comment) and suggest them “award winning blog post ideas”. I’ll either email or DM them on twitter.

The idea is simple. Focus on one blog at a time, read their posts, and suggest blog post ideas.

Step 4: Email them whenever you link and ask for a tweet or share

I think this is the most effective yet underused strategy to grow your blog traffic. Whenever you link to someone’s blog post, email them about it. Email them that you mentioned their stuff.

Want a sample on how to send an effective email that gets a reply from BUSY bloggers?

Hey [name],

How are you doing? I know you’ve been doing a great job by creating link-worthy content, and it’s always pleasure to read your posts.

In my recent article on “getting 1000 visitors a day” – I linked to one of your posts. And I hope your readers and fans will definitely love it.

I’d appreciate if you tweet about the post!

[Your name]

That’s it!

See.. you’re not asking them to blog about the post or leave a blog comment. You’re asking them just a tweet.

If they find your post interesting, they’ll definitely return you the favor. What happens when most influential bloggers share your posts?

BOOM! Your traffic explodes.

What if they don’t tweet or share your posts?

Repeat the process. Write great stuff, link to their posts, email them!

Step 5: Either guest post on top blogs or conduct interviews of authority bloggers

Most new bloggers say – “Yes, I know dude.. guest blogging is the most effective way to get more blog traffic. But I don’t have enough experience to land on top blogs with my guest posts”.

If you’re one among them – here’s the simple strategy “conduct interviews of influential bloggers in your industry” and ask them to share on their networks once the interview goes live.

Or if you’re blogging for awhile, you already know that guest blogging is not a scary thing.. keep doing it but on TOP blogs that have good number of email subscribers. Don’t write guest posts just because some has a better Alexa or page rank.

Become a frequent guest blogger on top sites to effectively leverage their traffic. One of my favorite bloggers Jane Sheeba does this very well.

Social sharing influences search results

Whether you agree or not, social media is the king. One of the easiest ways to get 1,000+ visitors a day as a beginner is to use social media wisely. Connect with the power users of social media.

social is seo

After you create your profile start following other people. Here are few smart ways to use social media to boost your blog traffic.

Use “1/3, 1/3, 1/3 rule”

Do you know why most new bloggers won’t get any attention even after promoting their posts like hell?

They promote *only* their posts. In fact, they don’t know the importance of promoting others stuff.

Listen – when you are building a brand for yourself, you can’t do it alone. You need to leverage others audience too.

  1. Spend 1/3 time on promoting “others” stuff
  2. Spend 1/3 time on promoting “your” stuff
  3. Spend 1/3 time on interaction (asking questions to know your readers’ interests)

If you’re starting out, I’d suggest you to promote 70% of others stuff on your Facebook walls, twitter id’s or Google+ pages (stop self-promotion). Sooner the people who you are promoting will also share your posts. Win/win approach.

Know when to tweet

best times to tweet

How much time does it take to get 1000+ visitors a day?

It depends on your niche. We can divide any blog into two categories;

  1. niche that needs less updates (viz SEO/SEM, IM, Web design blogs)
  2. niche that needs frequent updates (viz technology, news, entertainment etc.)

What’s your niche? Type 1 or 2?

For type 2 blogs: if you’re really consistent in providing quality stuff, it won’t take more than 4-5 months to hit the magic number.

Type 1 blogs take much time than 2 (to reach 1,000+ visitors mark).

You know the reason. The more updates, the more traffic.

One more step you can’t skip is to making your site responsive. If your site is not mobile responsive yet, consider using a free plugin like WP Touch. According to a recent survey conducted by QuickSprout over 50% of people are now using smart phones or tablets to browse online information. If your blog is not mobile responsive, you are losing them!

Still reading?

You’re awesome. Most people give up just when they’re about to see the growth on their blogs to make money blogging or drive more traffic. Have a look at this image..

increase blog traffic

Don’t give up. If you follow the tips mentioned above and put some serious efforts – you easily get 1,000+ visitors every single day. I guarantee.

Getting 1000+ visitors a day – Take away

I can go on and on and on but this is probably the 100th post you are reading on increasing website traffic. You probably won’t remember or follow even a single advice written in this post. You’ll just feel happy reading most of these tips and go on doing what you were doing before reading this anyways.

Unless you work hard and follow the advice no matter how many posts you read, it won’t amount to much. It will only help you sleep over your problems and procrastinate more. There’s a simple formula for blogging success: execute what you learn. 

Do you’ve a second?

It took me more than 10 hours to finish this post. It only takes 1 second to share with others. Can you spend a second on sharing it? Click on any of the sharing button on the left side.

Do you have any proven strategies to get 1000+ visits a day? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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    • Hi Rajiv,

      Google AdSense? You earn peanuts from huge traffic.

      Other ads? I’m more concerned about getting clients to make money than using ads. But I do promote affiliate stuff through my newsletters :)

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        Just recall the last time you clicked on ads in this niche….. ;)

        Adsense works like a charm in tech blogs..where you can see many relevant ads,,and people there also are not so geeky like we are in our niche (seo, etc) .
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      • Awesome post Rahul, I didn’t even miss a word. Your tone was awesome especially in starting and ending.
        I followed one of your points from above article, that was to take interview of authority bloggers.
        So I contacted you a month ago, but I got no reply after your agreement.
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    • When I say “write detailed posts to get more traffic”, it doesn’t mean you should blindly follow that rule. It is working well for me, may not work tomorrow. Again, detailed content definitely strikes out short posts in competition.

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