10 Working from Home Tips from A Full-Time Blogger

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Last updated on October 24th, 2017 at 10:03 am

working from home tipsWant to become a full-time blogger? Want to make money by working at home?

If yes, this article is exclusively for you. The good news is, this article is written by a full-time blogger who has suffered fulltime to work from home without distraction.

I work from home and I know it’s a curse rather than a blessing. The reason is, when you are free, when you’ve no boss, you will get distracted easily.

It’s REALLY hard to work from home to make money online. I’ve been into full-time blogging for over 2 years now, and I know the problems that work at home people make.

So here are few working from home tips I’d like to suggest. Before getting serious about working from home, please consider implementing them.

Incredible work from home tips that make you productive


#1. Create a minimalist workspace

I only have 3 things on my workspace.

  • Table
  • Laptop and
  • An executive chair

Nothing else.

There’s a reason why I’ve chosen minimalist workspace over cluttered surroundings. Your working environment decides everything.

If your working space is messy, you will feel depressed instantly, and you won’t get anything done.

If a positive aura is passing through your workspace, you will more likely to finish your tasks. So make sure to always de-clutter your working space.

#2. Each day set 3 MIT’s

Every morning, create a list of 3 things you want to finish. Finish your Most Important Task (MIT) first.

Don’t set more than 3 MIT’s as you may lose focus. It happens every single time with me if I focus on more than 3. I use day board to focus on my MIT’s. Though you can add up to 5 tasks, I prefer adding just 3.


Every time you open a new tab on your chrome, you’ll be reminded of your MIT’s to help you stay focused on the task at hand. It also shows your history of progress of the tasks that you’ve finished.

It’s free btw!

#3. Work in 25 minute tasks

Work on your tasks for 25 minutes. Then, take a 5 minute break to refocus. Do this for 3 times.

That is, do 25 minute tasks 3 in a row. Then, take a long break (15 to 20 minutes).

Once you’re done with three 25-minute tasks with a long break, you can again start the same cycle.

Working in 25 minute tasks you gives you another advantage. You will be working on one specific task at a time when you’ve a time limit. We all know how multitasking kills our productivity.

Pro tip: A pomodoro tool (I use tomighty)can help you work in 25 minute tasks. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and I’m glad I found it.

#4. Limit your distractions

Cell phones.

Instant notifications. Email alerts.

Cut every damn thing when you’re working.

Learn to avoid online distractions. Being a full-time blogger, it’s hard to work online without getting distracted. I use few productivity tools like Stay focused, Zen writer etc. cut my distractions while working online.

#5. Reward yourself when you’re done

Working alone and making money is a lot of fun. It’s also a tedious job as most people go insane when they work hard. Don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you’re done with your tasks.

It can be anything. Here’s what I do when I’m done with my tasks.

  • Go out and have fun with your friends
  • Go on a bike trip (I love solo bike riding, headphones on)
  • Have a beer or two + corn fry ;0)
  • Watch a movie
  • Watch Game of Thrones (my favorite show)
  • Read a novel, or non-fiction
  • Chat with your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp (and make them insane :p)

#6. Assess your working style

When do you work more productively?

Few people are night owls, and few are early birds. It is essential to understand your working style if you are working from home.

Don’t get up and start working just because someone said to wake up early to be productive. It doesn’t work that way. You first need to evaluate when you do work more productively. Only then you will be able make changes to your work style accordingly.

#7. Move and sweat

Sitting is the new smoking.

I went from 65 to 90 kgs in just one year, that’s the reward you’ll get when you work from home. Gone through some cardio exercises to reduce 13 kgs in 4 months is another story.

My point is, if you are working from home, you will become fat faster. So stand up, move around, and run for a mile or two at least 5 times a week to stay fit.

#8. Be grateful for your what you have

This isn’t really a tip, it’s more like owning a lifestyle where feel grateful with your current life.

Fulltime blogging is something most people can’t do. Most of their parents, partners or friends don’t support their decisions. So be grateful for being a fulltime blogger.

Spend time with your family, and friends. More importantly spend time with yourself to enjoy the little things in life.

#9. Save money

Until recently, I used to spend all my money on entertainment, buying unwanted stuff (do I need another bike, really?), and boozing (duh!).

Once I came to know about the importance of savings, I started living a minimalistic life. Owning is less is an awesome feeling. You don’t have to impress anyone. You don’t have to spend your hard earned money on useless things that don’t give lasting happiness.

If you want to become a fulltime blogger, start saving your money from day one. You’ll thank yourself later.

#10. Try power naps

One of the biggest advantages of being a full-time blogger is that, you can fall asleep anytime you want. Instead of sleeping for long hours whenever you’re tired, it’s advisable to try power naps.

A power nap is a short sleep without feeling sleepy or groggy afterward. Don’t go beyond 25 minutes as you may feel dazed. Power naps meant to be short in between 15 to 25 minutes.

If you over sleep, it can become even worse as you might enter deep sleep. Also many researches show that, a short nap is at least as effective as a long one, so why spend more time for less impact? Please read this post to try power napping without fuss. It also has some music tracks that make you fall asleep faster. I tried, it really works!

Over to you:

In fact, it’s your turn to become a fulltime blogger. But before considering a full-time career in blogging, get in touch with me. I’d be glad to give my suggestions. Come on, just mail me at rahul@learnblogtips.com, say hi and send me your questions.