Interview With Ileane Smith On Building A Better Blog

Ileane Smith Interview

I always enjoy reading other bloggers interviews and that’s the reason I came into blogging after getting inspired by top online entrepreneurs few months back.

This is the first of many interviews that we plan to publish on LearnBlogTips.

I asked Ileane Smith whether if she is interested to answer few questions on my blog, she agreed.

I really enjoyed asking few interesting questions to Ileane. Moreover I wanted to know her blogging secrets and interviews are one of the quickest ways to learn & observe the professional bloggers.

Here we go!

1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself & your blog

I started blogging in 2009. It happened by mistake because my daughter called me up all excited and said “Mom I started a blog!” I was really happy for her and I thought it was the coolest thing. At the time I didn’t know how to subscribe to blogs via RSS feeds so I thought I was subscribing but it turned out I was really signing up for my own blog instead…My first blog was Ms. Ileane Speaks.

It’s a blog and even though I don’t write for it any more some of the posts still get traffic and it has a page rank of 2. I started my self-hosted WordPress blog – Basic Blog Tips back in 2010 and that is my primary blog. I also have one on Blogger and I just started a new microblog on Tumblr

2. What are your methods of promoting and what would you suggest to get more traffic?

I use several platforms to promote my content:

• Social Media – Twitter (I’m part of the team over at JustRetweet), Facebook (I use Post Planner to post on my page and in FB groups), Google+

• Blogging Communities and forums – BizSugar, Blog Engage, Blokube, Social Buzz Club, Website Babble

• YouTube videos

• Podcasting

• Hosting guest authors

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3. Why do you think most bloggers fail?

Most bloggers fail for a couple of reasons. First, they think that blogging is an easy way to make a quick buck but it really isn’t, and second they don’t have any clear goals. There is no passion for the topic they are blogging about and they end up losing interest.

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4. Which premium plugin do you recommend for SEO (if someone knows nothing about SEO) – Market samurai, Keyword winner or something else?

I use and highly recommend SEOPressor. I also use Market Samurai but it’s not really a plugin and I only use it to track results. I rarely do any upfront keyword research when I write a blog post. I probably would get more traffic if I focused on it more. But I think it’s ironic that Google is making so many changes that no one knows what SEO really means anymore. The only thing that will most likely remain constant is the use of Google+ for local businesses. If you have a local business, claim your space on Google, set up a Google+ business page and do all you can to get your customers to give you ratings and reviews.

5. Which blogs do you read regularly?

I read as many of the blogs that I see on the networks that I mentioned earlier. I don’t use Google Reader to keep up with specific blogs. I know that’s not what most people do, but then again most people don’t belong to as many networks as I do. After I visit all of those communities, forums and networks, why would I need to check Google Reader? Besides, there is no time left :)

6. How much time do you spend on your blog daily?

It’s hard to say just how much time I spend on my blog because I pop in and out of it all day long. I will say that I spend more time responding to emails, interacting on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Overall I would have to say I spend at least 1 full day per week on my blog alone.

7. Few link building strategies to get a better PR

Using those networks I mentioned earlier are great for link building. Google+ and YouTube are a must for getting good links. Adding your blog’s url to the very first line of the descriptions of your YouTube videos is HUGE. Be sure to claim your blog on Technorati and use content curation tools like and

Another tip I have is do reviews of the tools and apps that you use. But don’t just do something run of the mill, make the review unique so that it gets the attention of the product owner. Perhaps they will end up linking to your review or sharing it on social networks.

A word of caution: when you do this, be subtle with your approach, don’t be annoying or try to force it. I will give you two examples of when this worked for me.

#1. I recorded a video for the Chrome extension called Diigo. The people from Diigo picked up on this (probably because they were monitoring their mentions with Google Alerts or something similar) and ended up posting my video on the download page in the Chrome Store! To this day it is one of my most popular videos on YouTube and I still get traffic and links coming back to my blog.

#2. I did a post about the difference between using the and link shorteners on HootSuite. Of course the folks at HootSuite saw this on Twitter, and added a link to it in one of their blog posts. This ended up being a key search term that sends my blog traffic and the funny thing is I wasn’t even trying to target these keywords. I simply wanted to tell people and let them know that they had a choice of which shortener they can use.

Rahul, I want you and your readers to see understand this about me: I like helping people so I will never get tried or bored with my blog because there is always something new to learn and share. People will be naturally attracted to you when they see that you are genuine, this is what is meant by the word “organic”. You don’t always need to shout it from the mountain tops.

It’s times like this – when a fellow blogger asks if they can interview you – that you can brag a little about your success.

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8. What is the biggest blogging mistake you did along the way?

My biggest mistake is one that I am still making right now. I give away too much information for free. I plan to change that in the next couple of months…

9. What is the secret of your success, expressed in one word?


10. Can you give our readers the top 5 blogging tips?

  1. Read and comment on other blogs more than you do your own
  2. Connect with influencers by being helpful (not annoying) and find a good, trust-worthy mentor.
  3. Research your topic, spend money on some training if you must, but grow your expertise and never stop learning
  4. Have respect for your blog and your fellow bloggers, don’t publish content just to make a quick buck and on that note I’ll add this – get rid of all those flashing sidebar ads and Adsense units placed right after the blog title and before the content
  5. Don’t limit yourself! Expand your audience with videos, podcasts, presentations, interviews, etc. Don’t worry about getting it done perfectly – just do it!

Ileane’s blog BasicBlogTips recently featured with the top blogs like Problogger, Copyblogger, ViperChill etc which are listed in “Top 10 Blogs for Bloggers 2012” by A-list blogging bootcamps. Here’s the link.

Thanks Ileane for the interview.

147 thoughts on “Interview With Ileane Smith On Building A Better Blog”

  1. Few things I learned from this interview Ileane.

    First part is: I removed my flashy banner beside the LBT logo.
    Second: I have decided to interact with other bloggers more(especially I have to increase my comment count on other blogs).
    Third: The answer for #9th question(it’s certainly true). You care everyone, you treat everyone as your family.
    Fourth: We must concentrate on Podcasts, videos too! The major problem with the present bloggers is: we are making only textual content rather than creating multimedia content(includes videos, audio etc).

    I wish you all the best for your blogging success mam.

    Once again thanks for the interview :)

  2. Hi Rahul, you’re very welcome. You did a great job with the questions too, they made me think and that’s a good way to stay focused.
    I’m glad to see that you started making YouTube videos and expanding your audience. Keep up the great work and I’m sure you will go far and succeed with reaching your goals!

    • That’s a great compliment! BTW I would like to see the same image which I used for this post. Go to, Facebook, twitter and use this image ;)

    • Ms Ileane, Its great to know more about you and your blogging experience. I have seen a many blog posts of your blog and no doubt every blogpost is is more than just awesome. After going through the complete interview now i know the secret behind your successful blogging journey “Care”.

      You are so caring for your blog & the readers and this quality of your make you a standalone blogger amongst all others. Loving your thoughts. I wish “Soon i would be like you in blogging” :)

      @Rahul – Thanks a lot for such a great interview.

  3. I agree Rahul, #9 is probably one of the most important. If you get all the technical aspects of blogging wrong and you prove that you care about your readers, you WILL have a succesful blog.
    Absolutely awesome interview ileane… but… the most important question…

    When are you gonna do one with me?

    • Hi James! Bring it!! lol
      We need to hook up on Google+ Hangouts on Air now that you got a new headset. Email me some times that are good for you. :)

    • Gee whiz Gowtham, I don’t even keep track of my earnings. LOL Sometimes I look at my paypal account and say – where did that come from? Really on the serious side. Everything I make I end up spending on plugins, apps and blogging services so in the end I don’t make that much. Maybe $50 – $150 per month. Nothing to brag about that’s for sure.

      • It indirectly shows your passion towards blogging. But you know how the money works Ileane. You are building a strong platform, I think you will start a membership program or something similar to that to monetize. So it’s a foolish thing to see your current earnings!

        • Rahul, I’m not sure if it will be a membership site. It might be in the form of recording materials (video or audio) still working it out in my head…Stay tuned.

  4. Great !
    I started following her 2 months back and still in love with her manners of promotion and teaching !
    Quality of content is what I always see over her blog.

    • Ahmad, thank you for saying that. I enjoy chatting with you in our Facebook groups too. I think we are in at least two or three of the same ones, maybe more.

  5. Really interesting interview. I regularly read ileane’s blog too, and I think it is quite a successful blog so these tips should prove to be handy. :)

  6. Great Rahul,
    Yet another rocking post, an interview actually, but its superb to read an interview of Ms. Ileane. Learned a lot.
    Thanks Rahul :)

    And congratulations Ms. Ileane that your blog is now in the top 10 blogs. Congo :)

    • Thank you Arbaz, I’m still in shock that I came in #4 ahead of bloggers like Keisha Easley and Pat Flynn! Thank goodness my YouTube channel won the judges over. :)

      • That’s really a great achievement Ileane. Only few people(who think out of the box) can do that. Next time you should end up with #1. Wish you all the best for that.

        • Rahul, I thank you for your well wishes! To appear on the list of Top Blogs for Bloggers is an amazing honor for me. Now my next challenge is the Small Business Influencer Awards. I’ll be calling on you for votes in July. I hope you will be there for me.

          • Why not? It’s my responsibility. Just send me an email or leave a message on Facebook or twitter. I will be surely support you. I’ll work for you to get SBI award. Wish you all the best in advance.

  7. Hello Rahul,

    Interesting interview Rahul. The one question that catches my eyes is number 9. And the one word answer explains everything that we needs to be a successful blogger like Ileane Smith. ;)

    And thanks Ileane for sharing some good websites. :)

    • Romy, you are very welcome. I hope to connect with you on all of those site. You can PM me on Facebook with your profile links after you sign up.

  8. Its always a treat to read out what Illeane’s words. I read all her post to gain some knowledge and she is really is really very helping lady. I will surely follow all the tips she has mentioned. And yes, Rahul good job man!

      • Yes Rahul But i have one request to make to Ileane! When you asked her what is the biggest blogging mistake she did along the way, she said that she gives too much of info for free and she is going to change this habit. Well Ileane if you stop giving free advice, who will help newbie bloggers like me. There will be no-one to guide us properly! If that is a mistake, i would request you to keep doing that forever and ever. :)

  9. I am a big big fan of Ileane and she is my best friend and will always remain. She is an iconic lady for any bloggers. I follow her everytime. She has been a true inspiration to me.

    • Aw Amit, that is so sweet! Wonderful to have a friend like you. I know that you always got my back and I got your’s too. That is a connection that goes across the oceans. Thank you.

  10. I was planning to do this on my blog. :D You did it first. I loved this interview.

    Lover her reply to #8. I think, I should ask here everything I need to, ASAP. LOL!

    • Abhi, you are rich now with all the contest you are winning, can I get a loan? LOL (just kidding) What I really want is another guest post from you in the near future. But I guess I owe you won first…..

  11. Ileane’s BasicBlogTips, Rahul’s LearnBlogTips, Daniel’s DailyBlogTips and Brian’s HotBlogTips are my most favorite blogs whis I visit not daily but hourly to learn more and more and to read such a adorable articles like this.

    Rahul, this interview answered some of my questions too. Youtube video marketing is really a great way to get unlimited traffic to your blog. Once I recorded a video on Facebook page welcome tab tutorial and uploaded it to Youtube. I put my blog article link in the description of that video. The video is 13 months old and I’m still getting traffic coming to my blog from that video, So I also suggest to all Bloggers to do not ignore Youtube in your link building strategies.

    BTW thanks Rahul for sharing your interview with Ileane.

    • Rohit, how can I review a tool if I never used it? If I do that I will just be repeating what someone else says. If I put my stamp of approval on something I will definitely use it first. There are times when I might “mention” a product and I will refer to one of my friends who told me about it. Hope that clears things up.

  12. One of the best interview of Ileane Smith as a Problogger. I found some helpfull information by this interview. Thanks for this informative Interview.

  13. This was a great interview with Ileane, although I wouldn’t have expected anything less since it’s Ileane. :-) Very good tips for everyone here as well, especially #9, “care”. Y’all better watch, because once she decides she’s ready to start making money from it all, she’s going to be unstoppable.

    • Yes, indeed. Get your wallets ready, cause I’m coming after the cash. cha-ching!! Ok guys you know I’m only kidding. My friends will still get stuff for free, but maybe I’ll start charging those guys who send me those annoying emails. Gotta figure out how to set up a filter in Gmail that will charge people for non-sense….
      Mitch, thanks so much for stopping by and reading the interview, it means a lot to me. Chat soon!

      • Oh thank god. I thought you will charge for everyone. But I want you to earn from your blog Ileane. You did extraordinary work like connecting with others, caring others, spending your precious time responding to the needy people like me etc. Now it’s time for you to make money :)

        I wish you all the best for that!

        • That is nice that you want me to earn something from my blog. Let me know if you want my paypal email Rahul. (just kidding….)

  14. I like Ilene’s reasons for failure. Lacking passion is probably the #1 reason why. Sometimes we try to blog about things we think people want to read or see online, but our passions lie elsewhere.

    • Hey Briena, nice to meet you. I can always tell these guys that are just blogging for a quick buck because they contact me and say. I don’t have any traffic, I only get 20 visits a day. When I ask how long they’ve been blogging they say – 2 weeks. lol

        • Oh for sure. I get some questions that are even funnier than that. I’ll see if I can think of another one to make you chuckle….
          Oh yeah, I think you saw this one too. Someone posted in the FB group that a 16 year old kid was working for Google selling AdSense accounts. That has got to be the most hilarious thing I heard all month. Why would Google pay someone to sell AdSense accounts to those bloggers they have already rejected from the AdSense program??!! Oh boy just thinking about that one has me cracking up all over again.

  15. Great interview and I must say that I have learned a lot reading this post. Now I have a few things to think about and stop putting off certain things which will make my blog more successful.

    Ileane is a great blogger and I have followed her blog ever since I found it. I have read it, guest posted on it and also subscribed to it. She offers great tips.

    Thanks for doing this interview. :)

    • Kharim, you and I are a lot alike and yet we are always learning from one another. I think that is because we really started with a good foundation that we got from our mentor Lisa Irby. I’m so glad that we found someone trust-worthy to follow in those early days, aren’t you? Look at all the scammers out there that we could have hooked up with, but there is just something about finding that person who is the “real deal” and it makes a huge difference in our outlook.
      Thanks Kharim!

        • Rahul, if you listen to anything I say, I always talk about Lisa Irby. For example if you pay attention to the video that I made for you about blog posting frequency, you will hear me say “Lisa Irby can’t tell you….” You must follow her and join her forum too – it’s Website Babble. I learned a ton from her and I love helping people over in the forum. You’ll like it too.

  16. Fantastic interview, thanks for sharing.

    I already read Basic Blog Tips, and I always check it for new content.

    We may learn a lot from Ileane expertise and enthusiasm,
    but if I can take something personal, is to start making some videos and podcasts.

    Thanks again, very useful article!

    • Hi Erik! Aw, it is so great to have someone like you reading my blog. I truly treasure that. Please do contact me when you start your podcast or YouTube channel. I’ll be sure to support you.

      • Thanks for the reply, Ileane!
        I have already some ideas on video tutorials about WordPress and Genesis
        (I have spent some time personalizing the Generate Child Theme from Genesis in the last 2 months).
        I need to check your YouTube channel and content in your site, on how to record a video, in the best way.
        Also the optimization when publishing on YouTube is important.
        Thanks for your help, Ileane! :-)

    • Hi Erik

      Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog. I love your blog design and content. Actually I wanted to copy your style :D and I love generate theme(specially blue color). BTW can’t wait to see your videos and podcasts.

      • Hi Rahul,
        I am glad to connect with you! :-)

        I truly enjoyed reading the interview with Ileane,
        she is great and Basic Blog Tips is a very useful site.

        I am glad you like my design, actually it is kinda new! ;-)

        If you need tips on how to personalize Generate Child Theme
        let me know,
        because I have spent some huge time making research,
        to let it look like you see in my blog.
        Also the Generate Box subscription is via Aweber, it is kind tricky to set it up!

        Have a great day!

    • Rahul is good at asking the right questions that will make you think about your strategy. I enjoyed sharing my answers here in this post. Thanks Aditya.

      • No. Actually the reason behind the success of this interview is: your answers, they were detailed and up to the point. Everyone is talking specifically about #9th answer, even on Google circles. So powerful line that was :)

  17. Ileane = Amazing and yet down to earth.
    Interview = To the point and fresh, much different from other boring ones.

    Good work folks!

  18. As always Ileane you are an inspiration to us bloggers following in your wake. Well done Rahul and thanks for sharing on

    • Thanks for your support Sian! I’m always there for you if you need help with anything just let me know. I ♥ BizSugar.

    • Hi Sian. The points she made here are really an inspiration for every blogger. Ileane has tremendous power to grab new readers attention by ‘caring’. I too ♥ BizSugar :)

  19. What a great interview!.. Thanks for taken your time to featured Ileane’s interview today and thanks for being one of our great team via JustRetweet :)

        • That is awesome feedback on JustRetweet. I hope to see a review of the service here on your blog soon Rahul! You can earn 1,000 credits by doing a review :)

  20. Thanks for the great interview. I really like it and also learned how to take interview as i am too planing to take some interviews of bloggers whome i know personnaly.

  21. Care – I can attest Ileane really does care. I had a question once and she responded with a video – I was so amazed. She really does care and I don’t blame her for charging in the future. She is truly an inspiration to many bloggers. Her video’s are just tremendous too. You feel like you know her when you watch her videos and you can see her passion and caring through them.

    • Ileane grabbed everyone’s attention by using the word “care”. Everyone is taking about that answer(#9th one).

      And she got featured with the greatest bloggers because of her videos. She has been doing really great on YouTube(2nd largest search engine).

    • Hi Lisa, you are such a great person and I’m really glad I got a chance to meet you online. Anytime you need help with something just let me know. I’m glad that you are using Blog Engage and some of the other services I support because it’s great to connect with you everywhere.

  22. Really nice post, Ileane is really a great blogger who focus on her strengths and ability of discovering new things. I think many people start their blogging for sake of few bucks. if u r running any blog surely many people asked u “How much you are earning from blog?,Can I start? ” its happening with me too !!!
    They just see the glow of money/success but they don’t understand the efforts behind that glow/success. i can say “Follow your passion, money will follow you !”
    Be smart & be practical

  23. The bottom line is get backlinks where you have a dialogue with the bloggers who have written blogposts by writing what you have learned from reading their blog. Because we are all here for relationships nothing else. If it is not a two way street then nothing else matters.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  24. There definitely is a fine line between giving away too much info versus giving just enough to get them follow through to an aff link or newsletter subscription.

    But one thing giving away too much info does lead to is a whole lot of sharing which Ileane gets :)

    I was surprised at an above response on the type of income you’re receiving though as you deserve more so some possible ideas to look at are teaming with someone for development on a BBT premium blog plugin, a resource page on BBT containing your aff links to the stuff you use, and absolutely began monetizing your email lists :idea:

    • Hi Caleb, thanks so much for your suggestions. I like the one about the resource page. I’ve had that on the top of my to-do list for almost a year. lol What do you think about using oDesk to find a plugin developer – or did you have another site in mind? Thanks Caleb!

      • Yeah oDesk would be great and possibly the fastest way to make it happen, but don’t forget your own connections Hesham and Andy of CommentLuv whom I’m sure wouldn’t mind helping out even if it’s just pointing you in the right direction.

        Another way which I don’t know how you feel about would be to buy the PLR rights to a plugin which has that available and make it better adding in your own features and branding.

        As for that Resource Page it is actually easier to set up than a blog post. You can start off with a simple list containing a pic/banner of the resource, brief descript on what it does and more importantly how it helps you, and your aff link of course.

  25. Fantastic interview, thanks for sharing.
    i get vary happy when i read #9 ,” Care” will give success and good relationship with others . Very good tips for everyone .

  26. Illeane is best blogger, I can learn a lot just by her blogs. Keep posting Illeane and always share your knowledge.Thanks:-)

  27. One of the best interview after a long time, ohhh yes its with my idol “Ileane” For I leane I just want to say, she is superb in helping. Rahul did you know, My designing service is grows with the help of Ileane. She is more than a good friend to me. Ileane you are rising star. This is what should I call “A big prooooo blogger” :)

  28. Hi Rahul,

    It’s another great post! thanks and keep it up, post something about Guest Blogging, when should we start it on our site? and etc.

    Best Regards,
    Mairaj Pirzada Executive Officer and Co-author at Guide Please!

  29. Hi Rahul, Really an awesome interview bro. Learned a lot from this and the top 5 blogging tips helps us a lot. Thanks for sharing such a nice interview Rahul :)

    Hi Ileane, Thanks for Sharing some valuable tips with us and also the list of Blogging Communities. I recently started reading your blog and its really awesome.

    • Hi Sai,

      I’m so pleased to know that you are reading Basic Blog Tips these days. I look forward to seeing you there!

  30. Ileane is a great resource to follow… she has fantastic tips, she really does care, and she many times will have a unique perspective on what she does… great qualities indeed!

  31. Ileane is always been a great inspiration for me. The time when I approached her for interview then she also helped me with some issues on my blog. She is really helpful and the best in the blogosphere. I always watch her youtube videos.

    ~ Atish

    • Atish, I really appreciate you for saying this. I put a lot of work into providing useful information and with the videos, sometimes it’s easier to show how to do something than to explain it in words.

      Thanks for being a loyal fan.

  32. Whoa! Published on June 18th yet I didn’t take a look? Maybe I need to get back my reading sense which is lost somewhere now! Hahah :) Enough about me!

    Ms. Ileane, you’re an inspiration for all bloggers! May it be a video, an article, a tweet or a status update, it’s always useful!

    And thanks for this Rahul! Really great!

    • Hi Raaj! I think this interview is a good one to read for years to come. I’m glad it got your attention today and thanks for leaving a cool comment.

  33. Aloha.. Ileane, she’s very down to earth and easy going it appears here and everywhere you see her information. She doesn’t come off as a pusher and showy type of a person, but only want to share and help others.

    Although, she does share great information with value and I don’t blame them for placing her blog in the top ten, she’s got it going. Lol I’m glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani :)

    • Lani! Aloha.

      I always feel like I’m on an island when I say that. It’s a great feeling. Very kind of you to say such wonderful things about me. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  34. This is a wonderful interview and i like how Ileane answer those questions. the interview really help and i think it will help a lot of people out there too. i will want to thank you for choosing the right person for this interview and your time you take to do this. i will also thank Ileane for her time too. To our success

    • Doing this interview with Rahul was my pleasure Igbalaye and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. I love reaching out to bloggers who take the time to interact. Thanks for your helpful support.

  35. Wow!! Rahul great interview. I am a big fan of Ileane’s blog and keep reading her tips and tricks. Thanks for asking my mind questions from her . I got all my queries solved through your interview. Words were yours but I am sure most the struggling bloggers had these questions in our minds.

    • Hi Shiwangi! If you ever have any questions that you need help with I will be more than happy to give you a hand. It’s great to hear you say what a fantastic job Rahul did. He’s awesome.

  36. Thanks a lot, I have been blogging for quite long time but I never took it seriously as I thought it is meant for technical people only. But after reading this I am going to implement all the strategies suggested in the interview.

  37. After years of blogging and collaborating with fellow bloggers I found very least bloggers who does both fabolous writing and keen to help newbies. Ileane is one among them, she does a great job with blogging and helping new bloggers.

  38. Ileane is an inspiration to many bloggers like me..After reading this interview I am really excited to know more things from her….I have not yet got chance to interact much with her but will definitely try to get in touch with her very soon…

    • Hi Rocky,

      Let me know if you would like to join our group on Facebook. That way we can have more chances to interact. I look forward to hearing from you over there!

  39. Rahul, you took a great decision by selecting to interview Ileane first. She is not only very helpful, but down to earth and a very warm personality. I still remember, when I mailed her regarding my first guest post on BBT. She responded almost instantly, despite her hectic schedule and scheduled my guest post i month later. But she has always been supportive and caring, and I personally think her USP is her genuine love for fellow bloggers. Way to go Ileane :)

  40. Hey Dr. Kavita,
    I’m looking forward to seeing another guest post from you soon! How about it? Can you fit it in your schedule? I love having awesome guest authors such as yourself join the team over at Basic Blog Tips.

    Btw – did you check to see if you have Google Authorship on your article? Many of my guest authors are seeing it (thanks to Hesham and the awesome features built in to the Thesis Blogskin he gave me).

    Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks for your comment.

  41. Aww, Ileane, so sweet of you to say such kind words! Actually I am beginning to get a bit home-sick (BBT feels like second home to me bcz of ur warm welcome), gotta come back to BBT with another guest post soon :)

    I will check right away Ileane and get back to you about Google authorship.

  42. The perfect interview i ever read. Thanks alot Ileane for spending your valuable time for us in sharing some new stuff.
    Its time to concentrate more in creating multimedia content.

    I have one doubt. I have read somewhere that enabling Google Authorship will reduce organic traffic. Is this true. Any comments?
    Thank you Rahul for your effort :)

  43. Great work Rahul, Amazing to see your latest post on Interview, Thanks for sharing with us, it is very helpful for every people who wants to become a good blogger.

    All the best.

  44. Great interview. I don’t know how old it is, but I recently started follow Ileane on Google+ and YouTube. It’s obvious that she enjoys what she does and likes helping people. I thought it was interesting that giving away too much information for free can be a mistake! I’ve heard this before, and wondered where the line is drawn.

  45. Great interview Rahul, i am a loyal follower of madam Ileane, just that i have not been able to familiarize with her. Seven of these tips are very helpful to me, if you see my blog today you will not believe it is the same blog you knew few months ago, thanks to madam Ileane and her blogging tips.

  46. I’m getting luck with social media marketing and now getting familiar with the videos to go active with YouTube.

    Thanks for sharing this motivational interview with us.

  47. Great interview. I don’t know how old it is, but I recently started follow Ileane on Google+ and YouTube. It’s obvious that she enjoys what she does and likes helping people

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